by Ni Wayan Armiani, EBPP Librarian and School Teacher 1st April 2014

My name is Ni Wayan Armiani and I was born on July 7th 1987 in Bonyoh sub village, Ban Village, Kubu District of Karangasem regency. I am now married to a man form Cutcut sub village. I was born to a poor family and graduated in SD 8 Ban in Bonyoh. After I graduated primary school I did not continue to junior high school because my family did not have money to send me to school.  In that time my future goal as a teacher had gone because of that. I just worked in Tabanan with my sister for 4 months and then I got information from my brother that there are people who want to help send me to school so then I went back home. 

In the middle of 1999, I was listed as one of the children to receive a scholarship from David J Booth, MBE, founder of Yayasan Ekoturin to allow me to study junior high and senior high school in Singaraja. I was really excited and very happy because there were good people who wanted to send me to school and I promised in my heart to study hard so that my dream could come true. I stayed in Dana Punia orphanage in Singaraja with the other 11 scholarship recipients from my village. While staying there they taught us about discipline and how to study hard and I always thank God for this opportunity.

I studied in Dwi Jendra junior high school in Singaraja for three years. After I graduated from junior high school in 2002, I went to SMK (specialist school) PGRI 1 in Singaraja until 2005 to learn secretarial skills which included computer administration and communication.

Finally, in the middle of 2005, I graduated from senior high school and then David J Booth MBE, asked me to come back to the village to teach children in Yayasan Ekoturin school in Ban village.  Here I learned many skills about how to be a good teacher, for example making lesson plans, preparing class room materials, and how to handle students.

After three years of working as a teacher in Yayasan Ekoturin, I resigned to get married and have children. When my child was 4 months old I returned to Yayasan Ekoturin as a librarian in the Ban office.

Even facing many obstacles I worked with great patience and perseverance to ensure success. After Yayasan Ekoturin opened a new pilot playgroup program, I was given additional responsibility as a teacher in the program.  I taught the kids from 8 -10 am in the Ban office. After the success of the playgroup program, I was asked to join the health team as a teacher in 27 posyandu (monthly health post). I believe that any job can be done with patience and determination.

Photo: playgroup in Posyandu on 2012

I say many thanks to all the people who have helped me to achieve all that I have. Special thanks to David J Booth MBE, founder of Ekoturin Foundation. You are my hero and saved my life and without you my life would have no meaning. I also say thanks to all donors and friends who have helped me directly and indirectly. Now I can share my knowledge to communities in Ban, to help the future development of the village.

I wish Ekoturin Foundation every success in the future.

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