Celebración del Día Nacional de la Educación 2013 el 2 de mayo 2013

By Komang Kurniawan, Team leader of The East Bali Poverty Project, Mayo 16, 2013

The 2nd of May was an exciting day for all the children and EBPP staff, because on that day they celebrated National Education Day. It’s a special joy for EBPP’s junior high and senior high school students because they had just completed their National Final Exam for graduating, and a concern for EBPP’s elementary students because they will take their exams from May 6-8, 2013. However the situation still made me feel proud because they always have the spirit to celebrate National Education Day every year.

The event was held at the Community centre of Cegi Hamlet with the theme ofWITH EDUCATION DAY WE IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION TO BE AN INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY”. Before the celebration, all the staff were busy preparing everything, from preparing the decorations, arranging the event’s activities, and deciding the order of activities for the event. I myself have a duty to perform the opening ceremony, organizing the preparations, including audio and others. With our team spirit every year always shows a very different memorable event and excite the children who come from remote hamlets in Ban village, Karangasem, Bali. The day before this main event, student’s quiz competitions were held in all schools, and the children who win will perform again to follow the competition between schools at EBPP’s National Education Day Celebration. Existen 6 schools that competed.

Education Day 2012 A

The time comes, all the team are busy with their respective duties, the children of Manikaji, Darmaji, Jatituhu and Bunga live quite far from the location, so the staff had to pick them up with EBPP’s operational vehicle; there is no public transportation to their village, so it takes a special 4 wheel vehicle because the road is very steep sandy and slippery. Starting at 05.00 am the staff who picked the kids had gone up to a sandy rock path to each location within 5-17 miles over the mountains. Several hours later they arrive in the location, the children all looked joyfull with high spirits, as they were ready to celebrate all events showcase.

After all the children gathered the ceremony directly began. The Community also attended to watch and enliven the event. Education team were busy preparing the order of this events. I was a little nervous to be brave to stand in the middle of them and deliver a few words to motivate them and do the opening event. Then extended by the response from David J Booth as the founder and CEO of EBPP. Not to forget about education team coordinator I Made Suarjana team also gave a speech to motivate their spirit, then the children sang several traditional Education Day anthems such asEducation Anthem, Teacher’s Hymn and Thank You Songled by Ketut Kerni one of female student from EBPP Cegi Senior high school. After the opening ceremony, Wayan Sudiani, a female student from EBPP Pengalusan Junior high school, was the anchor/MC announced the events followed by stage events of children’s creativity from each location, and together all the audience clapped with joy.

The first event is the Puspapanjali dance (welcome dance) by Junior high & high school girls from Bunga, coordinated by Ni Ketut Sadi as make up and also the dance instructor; followed by music and song performances by Manikaji High school students coordinated by Made Kari & Edy Catra from the music team; there are also modern dance & Jangger dance by students from Cegi and Bunga, coordinated by the education team. Karate demonstration by Nengah Gata and the last event was filled with drama about the cleanliness of the environment free from plastic waste coordinate by Made Thedy and Sinta from the health team. Finally there is the exciting Student’s quiz competition between EBPP schools: some very hard questions well answered by our determined students! Time flies so fast on that day, the clock shows 1.00 PM and the children looked a little tired, a few spectators still remained, as if still waiting for further events. After the kids finally disband them back to their home, and we packed out to leave the location.

And that’s the story of the National Education Day celebrated by EBPP children on 2nd May 2013 at Cegi Hamlet

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