New partnership between International Relations Student Corps of Udayana University and East Bali Poverty Project

On Monday, 12th June, the International Relations Student Corps of Udayana University Denpasar, collaborated with East Bali Poverty Project to carry out their annual event of social responsibility, “HI Mengajar”, coordinated by EBPP Chairman & Team Leader, Komang Kurniawan and facilitated by his son, Sheka, a student at Udayana University. This event was held at EBPP’s Cegi School, Ban Village. 

In the six-hour long event, Komahi Udayana starting with an icebreaker exercise in order to develop a close rapport with EBPP students. “We all did an ice breaking with the students, it was a way for us to be close with each other. They (students) were laughing, I think we’ve stolen their hearts”, Dedi, the Chief executive of HI Mengajar, laughed

After the successful ice-breaker, the committee led the students into classrooms and taught them how to use some English tenses. After a short break, they divided our students into 5 groups to play ‘Tali Gila’ and ‘Hide and Find’ games. After long, but fun games, three groups had come out as the winners. “I am glad to be the first winner. The games are so fun and crazy”, said Sugi, one of the EBPP’s students.

At the end the events, the winners of the games were given a prize and all students were given a package of a toothbrush and toothpaste by the committees. When closing the event, Nanda Wijaya, the Head of Komahi Udayana, proposed that this event be held annually and hoped to have continued cooperation with EBPP. 



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