New Teacher, New Photovoices Lesson

By: Ni Kadek (girl), 15 years old, Junior High School grade 2, Manikaji.

img_3626On Tuesday, October 15, 2016 is a day for EMpower lesson. I go to school in early morning at 7.30am and arrived at 08.05. When I arrived at school, I sweep the classroom and prepared the chairs. After a couple of minute waiting, teachers came with a new teacher.

Before I got to know the new teacher, my friends and I were ordered to sit and form a circle based on our birthday. The new teachers asked us to sit in a circle so that she knows who born on January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December. Then Pak Sudarma checked our attendance. After that, my friends and I introduced our self to the new teacher. The new teacher’s name is Ni Putu Sridiniari. She is a graphic designer from Ubud. Because Ibu Putu did not know all of our names yet, Ibu Putu gave us colourful paper and asked us to write our name on that paper. We put the papers on our chairs in order to avoid mistake when calling our name. After writing our name, teachers gave us computer for all of us because on that day was a day to learn Photoshop and edit a photo. Before learning how to edit a photo, Ibu Putu explained some colour characteristics. Green means cool and close to nature for positive character, and the negative character is jealous whereas yellow means smart for positive character.

After that, my friends and I ordered to turn on the computers. Because my data that I took is not on the computer yet, Ibu Putu asked me to copy my data from flashdisk to computer. After the data was copied, I ordered to open Photoshop (PS) application. There are some menus in Photoshop application and Ibu Putu explained the functions of the menus. She also taught me how to edit a photo, colouring a photo, brightening a photo, darkening photo, deleting blur, adjusting light, and deleting red eye.

 img_3615  img_3627  img_3630

The method was not difficult because it’s easy to remember and there are Ibu Putu, Ibu Meti, and Pak Sudarma that guided us. In the afternoon it’s time to have a break and lunch. After having a lunch we played for a moment until teachers called us to enter the class and continue the lesson. When all of us in a classroom, the lesson was started again. We ordered to turn on the computer and save a photo that we have edited before. After the photo saved, Ibu Putu, Ibu Meti, and Pak Sudarma explained about the next week lesson, the lesson was how to make a poster. We finished our lesson in the afternoon, my friends and I ordered to turn off the computers and put on the computer bags,and then we go home.

I was very happy to learn editing photo because we used a computer for learning. The teachers also taught us well and sometime insert a joke when teaching. The most difficult lesson that day was to use menus in Photoshop window because it was my first time. The condition of class was fun because there was a new teacher and new lesson. My friends are also as happy as me because they feel enthusiasm to learn editing photo. I hope that the next EMpower program is going well and smoothly.



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