New Toilets at Home Keep the Environment Clean in Daya Hamlet

Made Manuh Artawan has been the traditional leader of Daya hamlet, in remote East Bali, since 2008. Dans 2012 the East Bali Poverty Project was able to assist the 123 families construct toilet and bathroom facilities in his community, thanks to full sponsorship from WADAH Foundation (Indonésie).

“I’m really happy to have a toilet and clean environment for my family. Avant, we defecated openly in the garden, which polluted [the area]. Now we can also bathe privately and wash our clothes. Now we don’t have to go far to defecate.

Made Manuh Artawan and his family

Made Manuh Artawan and his family

“As the representative of Daya community I say thank you to the East Bali Poverty Project and the donor for helping build the toilet and bathroom facilities. I hope people can help EBPP bring toilets to other communities in Ban village, so they can also keep their environment clean”.


Aujourd'hui toilettes, pour un avenir en santé. To join our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign visit our page de la campagne, et Rejoignez le Poovement!

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