Photovoices – Telling Stories through Photographs

By Ni Ketut, 16 years old, Senior High School grade 3, Jatituhu

On Thursday, August 4th, 2016, I got a new lesson of the EMpower Program Year 2. The lesson was Photovoices and the first lesson of the day as Introduction to Photovoices. We have two teachers named Mr. Sudarma and Mrs. Meti and they explained that “Photovoices” is a project collaboration with the Yayasan ‘Lensa Masyarakat Nusantara’ that will be teaching some of our classes and training all of us. They explained the lesson patiently so that we can fully understand the lesson.


Photovoices is a method to deliver voices (idea, story or issue) through a picture or photograph. This program aims to develop and apply the method of Photovoices in order for the students to understand and express their problems, find the solution and participate on the process directly.
On the second class, the teachers distributed the cameras. We were divided into 6 groups. Each groups consisted of two until three students and got one camera includes its charger and bag. There were three kinds of camera such as Olympus, Panasonic and Canon. My group got the Panasonic Lumix, a great camera and easy to use. Before we received the camera we had to sign an agreement, which means we must keep and use it properly. The teacher asked to keep it on its bag and always be with us whenever and wherever we go and also put a plastic bag inside as an emergency bag if we got rain when capturing picture in outdoor.

img_1618-resize Before using, the teachers explained how to operate and treat the camera like turn on/off, place/remove battery and memory card, charge, capture or delete picture, playback, switch to video, and take care the camera. It was difficult and nerve wrecking for me to take a picture since it was my first time to see and hold a camera, and I had no idea how to make a good picture, but I was very happy. The teachers asked us to capture issues and potential of our village as we have been mapped. This task we do after school by walking around our village while hanging out or cutting grass. The issues of my village are environment (plastic rubbish and erosion – in rainy season), nutrition (malnourished children) infrastructure (bad road, needy family, health facility – far from our village), education (dropout students), economic (jobless), and social (women discrimination, teenage marriage) whereas the potential are environment like a nice village mountain view, fertile land (even only in rainy season), and bamboo plantation.

img_0955-resize I was very happy with this lesson, so much fun and full of excitement. I hope through this lesson and with this camera I could make a good photograph and tell it to people so that the issues of my village could be solved and the potentials could be developed.

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