Posyandu Education Programs Helping with Day to Day Health

Keeping clean is important to us. If we cannot keep clean it is easy to get sick. I experienced this when I was kid. I got diarrhoea. I did not know what caused it, but it was probably because I was careless about keeping clean.

When I got diarrhoea my stomach was in pain. My face turned pale and my body felt unenergetic. I went to the toilet frequently. My faeces were watery. My mother was afraid of my condition. She remembered about the posyandu that she had attended. At the posyandu she was taught about diarrhoea. The Ekoturin staff in posyandu said if we got diarrhoea we have to drink oralit, or sugar salt solution. Making sugar salt solution is simple. Mix one teaspoon of sugar and ¼ teaspoon of salt into 200 ml water. The solution has to be drunk directly. My mother made the solution and gave it to me. The pain in my stomach disappeared slowly and I felt better the next day.Untitled1

Since that day, I am aware of how important keeping clean is. I learnt how to keep my body clean so that we can avoid disease. I make it a habit to wash my hands before and after eating. I also cut my nails once a week to keep my fingers clean. I always wash the cooking equipment with soap in running water. I always boil the water first before I drink it. The food that I consume must be nutritious and clean. I do not want to get diarrhoea again.

My friends and I want to grow up healthy, so we must start with keeping clean!


Komang, 13 years old, Pengalusan hamlet.




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