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“Fighting Remote Poverty” in Bali, David Booth featured in Indonesia Expat newspaper, Abril 2015 issue

David Booth is the Founder of East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) – a non-profit organization which has changed the lives of thousands living in abject poverty in East Bali by providing education, community health, Cuidado Dental, baños, clean/safe water, bamboo reforestation, community economic development and much more.

Indonesia Expat journalist, Karen Davis, interviewed him about his background and EBPP.

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“Escaping Poverty” EBPP featured in the April 2015 issue of NOW! Bali magazine

In this April 2015 issue, NOW! Bali speaks to David Booth, founder of East Bali Poverty Project, to hear his story and learn more about the works of the organization.

David was born into a poor family in England. At school, he worked hard and kept on thinking how he could make his life better. With his passion for fixing things and his excellent school grades, David received an opportunity to study civil engineering. With this learned expertise, he joined a big construction company in London, which took him all around the world. Yet, none of these were anywhere he could call home, until, en 1988 he landed on Indonesian shores.

I stepped into David’s office; the yellow-painted walls were busy with maps, papers and books. I approached his desk- it was difficult to tell whether the interview had already started or not because as soon as I sat down he quickly began talking about the East Bali Poverty Project! I had an inspiring discussion with David; I could really see his passion.

David, en 1998 you established the East Bali Poverty Project. How did it all begin?

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Queridos amigos de EBPP

We are grateful to NOW! Bali for this interviewAND thank all of our dedicated staff, donors, expert volunteers and supporters for helping us to help thousands of impoverished children and communities to help themselves towards a future of sustainable social and economic development from 1999 2013.

With your continued support, we hope to be able to help thousands more in the coming years.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2014.

Un cordial saludo

David Booth MBE
Fundador, Fideicomisario & CEO

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EBPP historia Parte 2 en Bali Anunciante 12 de junio 2013

Queridos Amigos de Proyecto Medio Bali Pobreza

Further to our Press Release 2 weeks ago of Part 1 of the EBPP story published in Bali Advertiser, here now is Part 2 “Empowering people to help themselves”, published yesterday, 12de junio 2013. We hope you enjoy and as always, very much appreciate your comments, feedback etc.

Many thanks again to all who have supported us since 1999, to empower thousands of disadvantaged children, families and their communities to help themselves towards a future of culturally sensitive sustainable social and economic development.

Kind Regards


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EBPP historia Parte 1 en Bali Anunciante 29 de mayo 2013

Queridos Amigos de Proyecto Medio Bali Pobreza

We are pleased to share with you the latest article written by an independent journalist on EBPP work since 1998. It is a 2-part article in the Bali Advertiser and we would welcome your comments and feedback and are always looking for experienced local and foreign volunteers to work with us to empower more of our local community members to help themselves towards a future of culturally sensitive sustainable social and economic development.

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Bali Garden Party 2012 Publica un Evento de Prensa

5 Octubre 2012 & Nbsp; Fondo del acontecimiento: El partido de jardín de Bali fue introducido inicialmente a Bali en 2011 por Phoenix Comunicaciones, el organizador de la reunión de la montaña Jakarta. Era una de tres días, festival de multi-evento que se realiza en los bellos terrenos del Taman Bhagavan en Tanjung Benoa, Bali. En efecto, Bali has many events in its annual calendar, but none of them have been specifically developed for the international community. And the Bali Garden Party has come out as not only a particular event for the international community, but also the most unique charity event on the island. Bali Garden Party 2012: The Bali Garden Party returned for the second year again organized by the dynamic couple Rob & Nadira Doddemeade with an exciting two-day format to simplify the concept of the inaugural event, increase the charity element and community involvement, and make it more affordable yet more glamorous!   Also set in Tanjung Benoa, the Bali Garden Party 2012 was laid out into various sections: The Main sponsors area with the beautiful terraced tents for Dimatique/Cape Discovery Wines and Semara Resort & Spa. The Joglo Agung was reserved for souvenirs, arts, and participating NGOs that sold merchandise to help run their programs. The North Joglo that was used as the venue for the Talk Show. The Restaurant Areas to the north and south of main lawn. The Kid’s Area, with the Cubby House and Ron Lilley ”The Snake Man”. There was also horse riding by Caz Villaz & Stables on the beach. & Nbsp;… Leer más »

David Booth’s Interview Published in NOW! Revista Bali, Febrero 2011 Edición

Dear Friends of East Bali Poverty Project Following on from David Booth’s interview on Indonesia’s national television station, TVRI’s Bali Today “Haciendo la Diferencia” programme in December 2010, we are pleased to now share his recent interview published in NOW! Bali magazine, Febrero 2011 edición. Click the link below to see and download the scanned document from Now! Bali magazine in PDF format. David Booth’s interview published in NOW! Bali magazine, Febrero 2011 edition Thank you all for your continued support, helping us in our quest to eradicate poverty in the isolated and previously ‘forgotten villagesin the arid east Bali mountains with our mission of helping impoverished children and communities to help themselves towards sustainable social and economic development. Kind regards David Booth MBE and the whole EBPP family

Infantil Art Expo de marzo 21 - Abril 30 2010, en apoyo del Proyecto Este de Bali Pobreza

Los niños, asistido por el este de Bali Pobreza Proyecto de (EBPP), pondrá en marcha una segunda exposición de arte desde marzo 21 - Abril 30, 2010 presentando 130 pinturas en diversos medios.

Tras una exposición inaugural exitosa celebrada en junio 2009, la exposición de este año volverá a la cocina Tres monos y Art Café en Ubud. Last year’s exhibition saw the art work of the talented mountain children snapped up by eager collectors, precipitating an early closure to the exhibition. Accordingly, the public is urged to visit this year event as soon as possible following its opening on March 21st.

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