Progress Update: Bringing Toilets Today for a Better Tomorrow

By Nengah Ardika Adinata, Head of EBPP Water and Sanitation programmes

dsc02825Toilet sanitation is one of East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) programmes that provides free toilets to the communities. The toilet materials are free but the building is being done by the community through working together to achieve the aim of the community’s empowering programme (Gotong royong) that is to educate them to be able to solve their own problems. This programme was established on August 2010 in Cegi and Pengalusan hamlets who benefitted from the first ever toilets in Ban village, sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland.  

This programme is aimed at bringing information about the importance of our personal hygiene and sanitation in our environment. Before, most of people in the communities were doing their poops in the garden around their house.  This habit could be easily to spread diseases. Through this programme, hopefully the entire society could bring their poops properly into their own toilets. Besides, they can use the ‘bathroom’ to clean their body, washing their clothes, even to dry them.

toilet-cegi-1 toilet-cegi-2 toilet-cegi-3

As this programme is being done for the community’ needs, we conducted the survey first before deciding which locations were most in need of our help. We did the surveys through some discussions between people in the communities and gathered their aspiration then if we think that is essential that location should be helped. This programmeprovides the materials only, but for the frame, door, and roof, that is their own contribution. For the processing, we give it to the society through working together (Gotong royong) supervised by EBPP team. This is to ensure their ownership so they will be part of the programme so automatically they will be responsible to keep it clean and take care of it. 

dsc08848 toilet-bunga-2 toilet-bunga-1

For the building we offer our standard size that is about 1 meter long and 1.5 meters width. But it is not necessarily the final size; the community could make the building bigger if they could provide the materials themselves. The society has to take the responsibility to finish the building based on the scheduled they agreed at the start of their project. Among our project we have done, most of societies made their toilets bigger than the size we sponsored. The bigger toilet the more benefit they could get such as:adding a place to park their motor bike, to hang their clothes, and so on.

dsc02778 washing-clothes toilet-bunga-3

Up to now, EBPP has sponsored 859 toilets for each families in nine hamlets in Ban village, they are; 67 families in Cegi, 69 in Pengalusan, 57 in Bunga, 100 in Jatituhu, 57 in Manikaji Pucak, 117 in Daya, 123 in Manikaji Kaliaga, and 135 in Manikaji Asti.

delivering-materials-3This time, Temakung is the hamlet newly receiving our Toilet sanitation programme. Temakung is one of the 15 hamlets which is located on the slopes of Mount Abang at 600 meters elevation, and there are about 175 families. From 175 families, there are 88 families who don’t have any toilet. This is the reason why Temakung becomes our target. There are 65 families that are in process now, while the remaining 23 families are still waiting for the confirmation from the donors.

This programme does not run smoothly without any obstacle such as: a broken and steep dirt road. This causedour four-wheel drive truck, which carried the materials becomes damaged. For us, the most difficult location was Manikaji Asti. The process of finishing the toilets had to be postponed for almost 2 months because our vehicle was under repair. However, that programme was success as we planned.

After the programme in Temakung is finished, the next area which becomes our target is Belong hamlets which consist of two main hamlets Belong hamlet and Plugon hamlet with total of 350 families. Based on our surveys and discussions with the communities, we decided that there will be 191 families that will received the toilets. This data is based on the order from the head of that hamlet. We couldn’t run the programme without a help from the donors. We will be very thankful if there is one of you would like to help to bring into reality about this program for Belong hamlet. So please help us to help them help themselves.

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