Laporan Dari Lapangan: Siswa EBPP Mengambil 2013 Ujian nasional

EBPP Elementary School Students Exam

By Made Srinawi, tim pendidikan, 16th Mei 2013

Waktu tegang setelah 4-6 tahun menunggu, finally the National Examination took place from 6th– 8th Mei 2013. SD Ujian Nasional yang dilaksanakan sama seperti di SMP dan SMA, where EBPP education team prepares all facilities used for our studentsNational Exam. This year the implementation of the National Exam was more complicated than previous years due to the Indonesian Government education department’s goal to prevent any cheating!! Tahun ini, EBPP education staff really worked extra hard so that our students could follow the national exam well with no stress.


First day of the National Examination is on Monday, 6th Mei 2013 with the topics of Indonesian Language and Citizenship Education. The exams took place at our Cegi & Darmaji Hamlet schools because we only had children from these schools ready to take the elementary school exams. As supervisor for the national exam we begin to check the completeness of tools needed such as: pencil, eraser, board for exam sheet, and national examination participant cards. Implementation of National Examination ran from 13:00 untuk 18:00. On the first day the exam participants are a bit tense but they were able to answer the questions.

Second day, Tuesday with exams of science studies and social studies at Cegi & Darmaji. The national exam implementation ran well, not like the first day; on the second day the students can answer the questions on time and in a more relaxed way.


Day three, Wednesday with subjects of Mathematics, at Cegi & Darmaji Hamlets. The exam began at 1:00 p.m. untuk 3:30 p.m. And on the final day the staff who supervised provided scrap papers for doodling answers for Mathematics.

Thus are implementation of the National exam that took place from 06 – Mei 8, 2013 followed by boys & girls with total of 10 siswa. National Exam is held to evaluate the student’s ability to follow the learning process that has been implemented together from the Indonesian Government curriculum and EBPP local topics.

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EBPP Junior High School Students Exam

Ni Kt. SadiAriani, Tim Pendidikan, 29 April 2013

Stress was high from April 22nd – 24th 2013 for all the EBPP junior high school students, especially the children who sat the national exam to graduate to senior high school level. How come it isn’t? This is their first exam supervised by supervisors from outside the school. The first day’s exams were in Indonesian Language and Social Sciences; the second was Indonesian Citizenship Education and Mathematics, and the third day was Natural Sciences and English..


I have always advised all the children to remain calm and focused while working on exams. During the 3 hari hari, all the children took the national exam without obstacle. All the teachers were involved in setting up all the equipment that needs to be prepared for exam nasional.Including refreshments for the external supervisors. Sekarang, we are just waiting for the graduation announcement.All the children are excited on waiting for the announcement, including myself, also anxious and hope and pray that all my students will pass 100%.

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EBPP Senior High School Students Exam

By I Nyoman Subagia, Tim Pendidikan, 30 April 2013

Struggle to determine the children’s future after 3 years since senior high school has begun. KPC students (high school equivalent) class III will demonstrate the results during their 4 days of taking these tests. The exams in Bali were delayed 3 days as in 10 other Indonesian provinces which really added to the stress and tension, waiting to know when their exams would start! Akhirnya, from 18th untuk 23rd April 2013, thee ams ttook place, all in Cegi EBPP School, a very stressful and unforgettable moment doing the National Examination. To face the Nationa Exam, they study with strong exercises for 3 months and periodically practiced the process to fill the national exam computer generated answer sheet.


What makes us proud this year is the implementation of the KPC national exam was held at the same time as the SMA / SMK Government School national exam, so that they didn’t feel subordinated like in previous years. In addition, implementation of the test is directly monitored by the police of Kubu and Independent Team as the organizer of the KPC National Exam from Ganesha University (Undiksa) sehingga hasil pemeriksaan mereka setara sebagai ijazah SMA / SMK. Kegiatan yang juga diawasi oleh tim pengawas Ujian Nasional dari lainnya CLC / SKB, sehingga anak-anak melakukan ujian secara tertib.

Karena jadwal Ujian Nasional ditunda selama tiga hari, hari pertama ujian jatuh pada hari Kamis dengan ujian Matematika, hari berikutnya dengan Ekonomi dan Bahasa Inggris. Kemudian dilanjutkan pada hari Senin dengan topik PPKN (Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) dan hari terakhir dengan Geografi dan Sosiologi.

Apapun hasil ujian, tentu saja mereka tegang selama ujian – tetapi juga mereka yang kuat dan percaya diri karena mereka percaya pada diri mereka sendiri. Selain mereka sebagai peserta ujian, kita sebagai guru berharap mereka semua lulus dengan nilai tinggi.

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