Baby Risky’s cleft lip operation

By Sinta, EBPP Health Team, 22 Juillet 2014

(De gauche à droite): Baby Risky with his mother; Risky’s cleft lip prior to operation; Baby Risky drinking formula from a bottle.

When EBPP health team attended the Bukit Mangun Posyandu activities (monthly mother-infant health post) in Tianyar Timur village in May 2014, we identified a baby with a serious cleft lip problem. Made Risky Andika was born on 20 Mars 2014, the second son of I Ngh Suama and Ni Luh Sari. Tragically, their first son passed away when he was only one week old, leaving young Risky as their only child, born healthy but with a deformity. At birth, Risky weighed 3.1 kg, and now is a healthy young boy weighing 5.1kg. Unable to breast feed, his mother diligently fed him with formula and thus when EBPP team took him to be examined by Yayasan Senyum’s (Smile Foundation) specialists on 3 Juillet, he was immediately declared fit for surgery which took place on 10 Juillet 2014 at a private hospital in Denpasar.

Baby Risky’s lip after the operation.

All the consulting and operation costs were sponsored by Smile Foundation, in collaboration with EBPP. Risky only stayed 1 day in the hospital after surgery and his parents took him home the following day. His parents took him for a check up on 17 July and the doctors were very pleased with how well his surgery had healed and again he was able to go home on the same day! We at EBPP all wish Made Risky and his parents much joy and happiness and will certainly keep in touch with them to document his fully healed cleft lip operation.

A happy Baby Risky, with grandmother, mother and father post operation.

Risky’s parents say a big thank you for the assistance provided by the Smile Foundation and EBPP, because as a result of this partnership, their son was able to undergo this successful operation and can look forward to a happy life.

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