Tania’s Heart Surgery

By Sinta, EBPP Health Team, Juli 2014

This is a story about Ni Kadek Dwi Tania Putri of Bonyoh hamlet in a remote eastern corner of Ban village, accessible only by motor cycle or on foot. She is two and a half years old. During the early stages of her growth and development, Tania had many serious and complex health concerns, ranging from severe coughing and organ abnormalities. Surprisingly, EBPP has found many other cases of such abnormalities and organ complications in toddlers in the Bonyoh village.

(Links naar rechts) Tania with her parents before the surgery; Tania aged 5 maanden.

In 2012, op 5 months old, when Tania’s mother brought her to the posyandu (monthly health post for mothers and infants 0-5 jaar) Tania’s heart abnormality, in the form of a leak in her heart valve, was discovered. This condition can cause life threatening complications if not addressed. Although Tania had previously been briefly hospitalized in Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar, her family’s economic circumstances were not sufficient to keep her there. After hearing this, EBPP immediately started work to find donors to help finance the operation that would enable specialist doctors to perform the heart operation, which initially involved attaching a catheter to Tania’s heart, and save her life.

Tania, 5 months old having her health assessed at the Posyandu.

With funding secured through the incredible support from Mr Mark Weingard, Founder and Chairman of Inspirasia Foundation, Tania’s operation took place in July 2013. With transport & full support from EBPP Health Team, medication given by Sanglah Hospital, and careful monitoring of her condition through routine ecocardiology tests, Tania’s heart condition showed marked improvements. After she had built up the strength with her fully repaired heart, she then needed speech therapy and had to start to learn to walk. Eigenlijk, since her operation, her progress has been quite extraordinary. She is now walking, talking fluently and socialising well. Her weight by the end of May was 9kg and although still under weight, she is in good nutritional health.

(Links naar rechts) Tania admitted into hospital for heart surgery; Tania moments prior to surgery.

Joseph De Wolk, Director of Inspirasia Foundation meets Tania and her family in Bonyoh, shortly after her heart surgery.

This week, Tania had her final ecocardiology test to verify her optimal heart condition and the results made us all very happy. Her heart condition is healthy and she no longer requires further testing which was a welcome relief for her family and for EBPP.

(Links naar rechts): Tania smiling, one year on from heart surgery; Tania playing with her sister at their home in Bonyoh hamlet, Desa Ban.

We would like to send our deepest thanks to everyone involved in Tania’s successful heart operation, including all the Posyandu, EBPP staff and specialists. In particular, Mr Mark Weingard, Founder and Chairman of Inspirasia Foundation, who supported Tania’s medical journey from the very beginning without any hesitation. On behalf of EBPP and Tania’s family, dank je wel.

A fully recovered Tania with her sister.

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