BERICHTEN UIT HET VELD: Kadek Indah, local health staff

By Lindsay Burns, EBPP Vrijwilliger

Kadek Indah gives EBPP IDD (iodine deficiency disorder) awareness prog to the community

WOMEN who divorce their husbands and become single working mums through choice are incredibly rare in Bali.

But it was these exact circumstances that led 27-year-old Kadek Indah to the doors of EBPP, where she became the first local woman to actively help the villagers.

She admits her main motivation was initially to support her child – but said the charity has given her opportunities she never dreamt of. She said: “The office is very close to my house in Ban. My priority as a single parent was to feed my child, so that is why I first came to the charity. But secondly, I wanted to help out. If a person can come from England (David Booth) to help people here, then I can do it.

“There have been a lot of great changes. There were communities really left behind, with lots of health problems. But now it’s 99.9 per cent different.”

She said that because of EBPP, she has an education, she can feed her child and she has helped make huge improvements to the communities: “When we first went up there it was pretty terrible. There were people with open wounds, terrible illness. But I helped give everyone polio vaccinations. It’s pretty moving to know that I helped have a good impact on those villages.”

“And I was the first local women there, among all those men. I felt very proud of that.” [Editor’s note: EBPP did have 2 other Balinese women on staff – senior nutritionist and Education Team leaderwhen Kadek joined in 2005 but from other regions of Bali]

Kadek is very good presenting IDD awareness programme to EBPP school children. Here in Jatituhu

Kadek takes a local woman’s blood sample in posyandu

Kadek encourages infants and older children to sing along together with local songs in EBPP playgroup

Kadek expertly presents EBPP TB Awareness Programme, started in 2011, to local government school students

Kadek Indah, accompanied by her daughter, receives a wound care training certificate from USA volunteer experts, 2011. She is now qualified to train others

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