Informes desde el campo: Vamos al Posyandu

(27 puestos de salud de la comunidad, facilitado por EBPP, servicio de la 19 aldeas de pueblo de Ban desde 2004)

por Sinta Adriani, Coordinador Principal del Equipo de Salud, Ban Pueblo, 29 Abril 2013

Los niños pequeños son nuestra piedra angular para la creación de nuevas generaciones habilitados y cualificados, y por lo tanto hay que prestar mayor atención a su desarrollo. Good and balanced nutrition is one of their strengths in order to grow and develop to the maximum, if many of the children have poor nutrition or malnutrition, WHAT WILL THE FATE OF THIS NATION BE ??????

Let us regain and strengthen our society by encouraging parents to bring their toddlers to POSYANDU, because in this way we can monitor the development of their body weight, and also the problem of nutrition for infants and their mother’s health . Problems can also be discussed with the local cadre /health workers, and our babies also get protected by immunization for immunity against diseases.

So we expect through the programmes conducted at posyandu will result in healthy children and maternal health-conscious families.

We found Putu Lina in posyandu with poor nutritional status through KMS, she was born on June 23, 2011 con 3 Kg of weight after the age of 2 meses. Every month her mother brings Lina to posyandu. During the year 2012 Lina the weight gain is not consistent, sometimes it’s stable and sometimes rose 100gr to 200gr even down until the end of 2012 to reach 5.3 kg weight. Weight loss is very bad for development. Early in 2013 we tried to approach the family to provide education and healthy food to her mother, introducing to foods high with protein in order to grow Lina better. Once we did approach until April 2013 a 6 kg weight, although still less than normal.

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