REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: MLC High School Australia, 3 Day Visit to EBPP Schools 16-18 October, 2013

By I Komang Kurniawan, EBPP Chairman & Team Leader all programmes
13th November 2013

October 16th to 18th 2013 were  very happy days for EBPP students and staff welcoming the second Australian school group visit in 2 months. Glen Mole, who led this group of 11 Australian high school girls and 2 staff from MLC independent girl’s school in Sydney, also brought a mixed student group from Sydney schools in April 2013 to complete their community service as a requirement of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.  This 3 day visit, as previous Australian high school trips to EBPP schools, was a very important mutually beneficial learning and sharing trip for the privileged Australian students and EBPP’s disadvantaged mountain hamlet children. The MLC students: Rachel, Bobbi, Michelle, Briony, Lily, Angel, Dana, Matilda, Tilda, Olivia, and Chelsea; the teachers:  Glen Mole, Jenifer Brown, and Carmel. Our EBPP students feel so proud to have them to visit their schools.

Day 1

Mr David Booth MBE, (EBPP founder) explained the different  activities we do in the field with a presentation of about 45 minutes, followed by a question-answer session with Mr David directly.

After that, we took them all to Manikaji School in two of our 4 wheel Drive vehicles to meet all of our students. The students were divided into three groups and did different activities, like sport, art and geography. For the sport activity, the MLC students played football with EBPP student; In the Art activity they did colouring of famous animal they have in Australia by making sketch with black pencil before; in geography lesson the MLC students explain about Australia, with modules that contained complete information about the country. In the middle of time, they all enjoy the activity because they both learn different thing together, our student enjoy so much to practice English directly and MLC student also have chance to learn speaking Bahasa. They were all so enthusiastic, even though in the beginning they looked a little shy but step by step they all relaxed and were so happy with the activities they did together and communicated in English. We had the groups rotating every 30 minute, so that all groups had learned the same things when they finished. After the activities, MLC students donated some art material to EBPP student that can be used in the future.

After leaving Manikaji School, we went directly to Cegi school, about one hour trip. In Cegi they learned  with our senior high school students and divide into two groups, one group learning geography and explain about Australia, and the other group learning and sharing information about reproductive health.

Day 2 (Glen Mole referred to this as “Get dirty day!”)

On the second day, they went to Daya to learn about bamboo. Ketut Suastika (EBPP Bamboo and Organic Farming Team Leader) gave a 30 minute presentation and explained detail information about how to grow and  look after the bamboo correctly; also they learnt about treating bamboo. After leaving Daya, they went directly to the organic school garden in Cegi to learn how to make compost for new bamboo plantings using cow manure and leaves, led by EBPP organic farming team.

Day 3

Today would only be half a day and all activities were focussed in Pengalusan school. EBPP’s 54 students were divided into four groups, learning and sharing information about: Music, Art, weaving bamboo and Geography. In geography session, MLC students explained about Australia, introduced the animals with flash cards and environment surroundings and explained the famous/endemic animals there; another MLC group learn how to play Ukulele, lead by EBPP music team; some of them  learn about art, lead by EBPP Art team, on how to make perspective, making sketches using the black pencils; and the other group learnt how to weave and make bamboo baskets and hats. At the end of activity, MLC students taught and sang together with our students, singing the song about the happy bird called “Kookaburra”. All really enjoyed the song, Pengalusan students were all very happy to share and learn information that they never know before.

Finally, all MLC student and teachers were very satisfied and enjoyed so much to learn, especially about weaving bamboo to make baskets and bracelets. They found it very difficult at the beginning, but kept trying until they could do it themselves.

Time went so fast and the bus for taking the MLC students to their next place was waiting at EBPP HQ at the bottom of the hill, so, when the time came to part company, MLC students gave some animal cards and art materials as the memory and hoping so much to meet them again next year. So thank you so much to all of MLC students and the teachers. Your donations are very helpful for us continuing our programmes helping the poor children going to our schools.



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