By Ari Jayanti & David J Booth

Water is the staff of life”; without water there can be no life! Our bodies are composed of almost 70% air. We could survive a few days without food, but not without drinking water!

Some of the health benefits of drinking water for are: improved metabolism and blood circulation; for beauty to strengthen and brighten the skin; improve the function of our organs, especially brain activity and concentration. If our body lacks water, we will become dehydrated. Some key signs of dehydration are dizziness, lack of concentration, weakness, difficulty urinating and fainting.

Unfortunately, many children can’t drink enough clean/safe water because it’s not available, and instead of the recommended 8 glasses a day, most drink no more than 1-2! For children who live in remote areas with no rivers or water supply, like Ban village, drinking enough water is near impossible, let alone drinking water that is clean and safe to drink.

Nazava Water Filters Donated for EBPP’s 6 Sekolah

The appropriate technology Nazava water filter, distributed by Kopernik Foundation [], gives a sustainable and safe solution for schools and families to use any water available due to the well designed ceramic “candles”, which filter the water to remove dirt and bacteria, producing clean and safe drinking water at the turn of a tap.

EBPP first met with Kopernik at their Ubud HQ in November 2012 and in January 2013, they donated 25 Nazava water filters (10 Nazava1 & 15 NazavaXL) to install in all 6 EBPP schools, accompanied by awareness programmes explaining to the children the health reasons for drinking minimum 6-8 glasses of clean water daily. Within 2 bulan, all EBPP school children were drinking average of 8 glasses/day – a phenomenal improvement on their 1-2 glasses/day pre-Nazava!

Nazava Filters for 44 more schools in Kubu sub-district

Kopernik were equally impressed at this success in April after the 3 months trial period, and were keen to support when we requested 152 more Nazava filters for the other 43 schools in our Kubu sub-district, that EBPP has supported with outreach dental health care and TB awareness since 2007. The trigger for the additional Nazava filters was a kind donation from Mr Ben Huiskamp and his Netherlands-based Stichting Grenzeloos Foundation in March 2013. Ben’s foundation’s donation was matched by one of Kopernik’s Japanese sponsors, enabling EBPP to distribute additional 152 Nazava Water filters in August 2013 to the 44 government schools in Ban village, East Tianyar, Central Tianyar & West Tianyar – and also 3 for the local community health centres to ensure that they also had drinking water available for patients and local staff.

Prior to launching the Nazava clean drinking water programme, EBPP conducted an outreach with Kopernik team to the principals of all of the 44 schools in the region and Ban Village office staff.

The event was a great success, attended by most principals and other invitees. After EBPP socialization, Kopernik experts explained how to install and maintain the filters, and also where they can buy the Nazava water filter, especially at Ban Village Koperasi (Cooperative).

Nazava filters’ major financial benefit is the average 7,000 litres one candle can filter before needing replacement, thus giving big savings on the purchase of mineral water. The drinking water benefits were welcomed by all guests, who asked questions about Nazava water filter technology. Many were interested in buying for home use or becoming a distributor in their local communities.

In September, EBPP team started distributing the donated 152 Nazava Water Filter to the district schools and hope there will be no more children who are not drinking water or becoming dehydrated. EBPP are excited knowing these activities will benefit many thousand people.

Oktober 2013 Update

By 20th October 2013 EBPP has distributed water filters to 12 schools in the scattered hamlets of Ban village, dan 39 in the Tianyar village schools as well as to the 2 community health centres.

Thank You to our wonderful donors for helping us to help remote village children

If you wish to support the provision of sustainable clean drinking water facilities, toilets, educational facilities and/or other essential sustainable community empowerment projects, the villages of Ban and Tianyar, Kubu district, Karangasem Bali, please contact us and/or click the following donation (donation link EBPP)

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