REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: World Aids Day – EBPP Health Team completes training to help educate communities and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS

EBPP health team at HIV aids training

EBPP Health Team and local health volunteers (cadres) receive HIV and AIDS training from Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia

By Amy Cardamore, EBPP Public Health Advisor, 1 December 2014

Prior to World Aids Day (1 December 2014), East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) Health team and community completed a set of trainings on HIV and AIDS with Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia. In late October, Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia gave the EBPP Health Team and Puskesmas Kubu sub-district II staff, a three day orientation on HIV/AIDS. The Kubu sub-district includes Ban Village, Tianyar Timor, Tianyar Tengah, Tianyar Barat.

As part of the community HIV/AIDS awareness and training, last week, Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia trained 25 village health volunteers (cadres) from the 27 EBPP initiated posyandus (mother and infant monthly health posts) supported by the EBPP Health Team, and encouraged cadres to talk about HIV/AIDS, dispel the myths about the virus, how it is and is not transmitted, the risks and how to prevent it.

HIV aids training

Training session creating a dialogue and dispelling the myths of HIV and AIDS

EBPP staff and local cadres in Ban Village learned about the importance of talking about issues, getting tested and using condoms. At the end of the three day training, the staff and volunteers were sent out into the village to get the conversation started. They knocked on the doors of homes, the village cooperation and a local cashew factory to talk to people about HIV/AIDS.

Pak Made Efo Suarmiartha and Pak Anang Edi Santosa from Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia did an absolutely amazing job helping villagers from the hamlets in Ban to understand their initial fears about HIV/AIDS and challenge these ideas and come out of their comfort zone. We applaud Pak Made Efo and Pak Anang for their hard work and commitment to prevent the spread of the virus and caring for those living with it.


EBPP health team posting posters in community

EBPP Health team raising awareness of HIV and AIDS, sharing their knowledge with local communities

EBPP Kader at posyandu yellow shirts

Local community cadres preparing for education outreach activities with the community about HIV and AIDs

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