Rick Russell, Australian Artist, Teaches 3D and Masking Fluid Techniques

October 2016, By I Wayan Lias, EBPP Art teacher

lias-2Rick Russell is a professional Australian artist who visited EBPP for one day in 2011 and promised to come back and spend time teaching our art team and students. He came to Bali last month, not only for having a holiday but he was doing some volunteers stuff working out with EBPP students around three days from 3rd to 5th October. He wants to share his painting techniques with EBPP students.

On the first day, he was doing some observation by visiting Pengalusan School, which is located on mount Agung slopes, to see the students’ learning environment at that school. Rick was so proud to see the students’ characteristic in learning art and he noticed that most of the students are so artistic. After visiting the school, then he directly heading to EBPP Ban office, this time he was also wants to share his knowledge through painting along with EBPP  art team who have different styles in painting.

untitled-3-copyAt the second day of his visit, he went to Jatituhu School which is located in the slope of mount Abang. This time he was introducing a new techniques called painting three dimensions by using acrylic color and mix up with art masking fluid. Before he started, he taught the primary students firstly through one dimension techniques, then continue to junior level with two dimensions techniques, and the three dimensions techniques with senior students. Rick was so surprised because the techniques he taught was easy to be understood by the students. Once he teaches the students the more students understood with a very good result.

At the third day he taught the same techniques at Darmaji School. Again Rick was so surprised because most of the students could done his painting techniques he had taught very quickly. Besides, the students also were so disciplined when doing the painting. Rick was so satisfied and happy to see the students painting in a short period; his techniques wassuccesses to be applied perfectly. But unfortunately Rick doesn’t have enough time to stay longer to visit another EBPP schools. Even though thus Rick sure that EBPP art team would be able to teach the students in other schools where he couldn’t visit yet by applying the same techniques.

lias-1Hopefully in the future he will visit to EBPP more often so he could teach the students with many different techniques. As an art teacher, I can only say thank you very much forspendingyour time in sharing your knowledge. I will never forget it because everything you have told us is as a knowledge for me and also for the students too. I wish that you will come back in another occasion in the future with many different techniques


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Allan Sneddon

Fantastic Rick Russell. I also visited EBPP Schools, in May 2015. I will also return to visit these schools in a volunteer capacity one day.

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