Sanitation in Cegi Hamlet: Five Years On

In 2010 the East Bali Poverty Project facilitated the construction of toilet and bathroom facilities in Cegi hamlet, remote East Bali.

At the end of 2014 we went to ask I Ketut Karya how his toilet and bathroom facility had improved his family’s life.


“Before we had a toilet we defecated in the garden, about 50 metres from our house. Every time we had to go we were scared of the snakes. It was very dirty, and smelt a lot. We couldn’t use the same place twice because of the smell.


I Ketut Karya, Cegi Hamlet

“Now my children can go directly to the toilet linked to our house. We can bathe twice a day in private, unlike before when sometimes we wouldn’t wash for many days.
“Since we’ve had the bathroom my children are clean, and much healthier. I hope people can help other families with projects like this”.




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