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written by Enru Siagian

national education day
Students at Cegi hamlet competing for student`s quiz on EBPP`s National Education Day 2012 celebration

There`s a great feeling when knowing someone that i helped are able to do better for them self. Like when I had a few friends that came to asked me teaching them some of the things i know. And it was a miracle to hear when they got a job, after they dig more of the knowledge & skills by themselves, then they continue to make a living with it. It’s great to hear that they were able to get their dream job at the newspaper, TV stations, advertising agency, design and in the music industry. That’s why i was sure it’ll be delightful to start volunteering for East Bali Poverty Project. After years of experience working in the media & design industry, doing social work to help needy community is the kind of activity that interest me. It was in the mid of April 2012 i flew from Jakarta to Bali to start volunteering for EBPP. One of the thing i did was creating webpages for “The Art of Learning by Doing Book” series to make it as digital book downloads. Making them to be available to purchase on EBPP`s website together as donations for education programmes. I ussualy build websites customly with basic designer’s skills but I had no idea how to build EBPP`s WordPress base website. I used to build e-stores with Joomla base content management system website which i actualy learnt from a journalist friend of mine years ago. She has no background in website or designing but runs a great online book store at that time. People really don`t need to go to school to be able to build their own websites these days. Without having any experience in wordpress based website or Web developer’s skills, building the Art of Learning by Doing webpages shouldn’t be impossible. And i manage to done by finding the knowledge to do it by Googling. I guess that’s what The Art of Learning by Doing can also means.

By the first time i went to Ban village i find the view of the mountains slopes natures was mind blowing. Each time i get involved to help the people of Ban village i find it exciting. It’s good to interact with the people and do humanitarian work. Being a graphic designer, was mostly no far from computers & making progress in the design industry. It’s real nice to do something that’s more socially human.

EBPP`s 1st recording
1st recordings of EBPP`s music students

EBPP`s music programme is supported with music instruments and recently home studio recording equipments that was donated by the donors. With today`s technology a lot of musicians also do recordings with the same type of equipments EBPP has now. I was assisting to record EBPP`s students playing music. On 20th April was at Darmaji school then 25th at Jatituhu school. Just like these students playing music is my hobby. I use to record songs with band mates at my home studio. I learned a bit of recording techniques when we hired a nice sound engineer guy who stayed weeks at my home studio. Together we mixed & mastered our recorded tracks of guitars, drum sets, keyboards & vocals. It`s really fun to get a chance of recording the students singing and playing acoustic guitars, ukeleles, flute recorders and cajon. I hope someday the music students could create & record their own song or make a compilation album of themselves.

EBPP education day 2012
Music collaboration by students of Cegi & Manikaji
EBPP education day 2012
students performing Balinese dance

Eventually on 2nd of May there was the National Education Day event celebrated by all six of EBPP’s schools from six different hamlets. It was amazing to see the students performing on students quiz, singing, dancing and more. I get to document & edit the video of the event. For a long time I had this obsession to become some kind of a video maker by self studying the skills since 2003, luckily i`ve been in the same environment of Metro TV’s creative department where i learned a bit from there, but rarely use most of these techniques in my career. EBPP with communities of Ban Village celebrates Indonesia`s National Independence day & National Education Day each year. These celebrations are normally celebrated by Indonesian peopIe in all around the country. I used to document the same kind of events with Social youth organizations for the community at my hometown. And it feels great to be able to do it for the students of EBPP and communities of Ban village.

A Video Documentaion of EBPP`s National Education Day 2012 Celebrated at Cegi Hamlet

Personally my father also a few relatives that i know came from a poor family, getting education was hard. I was just lucky to get educated easily & grew in the capital city area of Jakarta. I notice how imperfect the education system & curriculum in Indonesia are. Still many people can’t afford to get good education for their children. That’s one of many reasons why i started supporting EBPP. What i found at EBPP`s education system was brilliant and i would really love to share some of the knowledge that i have for the community.

EBPP education day 2012
Dance, singing & poem collaborationJanger Desakuon EBPP`s celebration of National Education Day

On 5th May 2012, I had a chance to teach Graphic Design to some of EBPP`s education programmes teachers and students of art. I taught digital art techniques by using digital imaging software such as Photoshop. The kind of techniques that are used for creating digital art, illustrations, cartoons, comics, manga, animations and stuffs like that. It`s essential for any artist or designers to use computers these days. Even artist such as traditional painters, tattoo artist, graffiti artists do so when it comes to create comprehensive design of their artwork before applying to the real form of it`s media. I hope those techniques would be useful to support more of their creativity.

graphic art class
EBBP teachers & students learning computer art techniques
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