Slippery Bamboo

Oleh: Ni Nyoman (girl), 12 old tahun, SMP kelas 2, Jatituhu

img_1607-poster-rentani-bambuOn December 4th, 2016, I was asked to carry many bamboo. I was falling down, my leg got hurt since the road I stepped was up and down and very slippery. I carried the bamboo from the forest around my village. We need to went and back from the big road to the forest until 5 times to fulfill my 3 carts. Setelah itu, my family and I brought it to the village and took time 2 - 3 jam.

I am with nine siblings, but only six who helped the family to collect the bamboo since the other three are too young to do this work. My siblings who work with me are around 6 - 17 old tahun, including myself. We usually help our parents after school. We have to help our parents doing this job, they will be angry if we didn’t do it. Besides, they are getting old so we have to help them.

I didn’t realize that the day had turned to evening. I tied the bamboo and then brought them home. It took long time since the road was ascending. We pushed the carts slowly because the bamboos were very heavy. At home, orang tua kita siap bambu yang akan dijual ke broker pada hari berikutnya.img_3808

Mengumpulkan bambu adalah pekerjaan kita sehari-hari. Kami melakukannya untuk memenuhi kami kebutuhan dan uang saku harian untuk kita yang masih di sekolah. Kami menjual Rp28.000 bambu, per tandan. Ada 6 bambu per tandan selama 4 m. Jika ukuran bambu kecil, kami meletakkan 10 bambu per tandan. When collecting the bamboo in the forest, we could get up to 20 bunch in once.

Yesterday was a very hard day for me, even for my family. It was so hard when cutting, pulling and carrying the bamboo because the far distance. We often bitten by mosquito. A heavy rain came which caused the road became slippery and impeded our work, so we needed to take off our sandals.

This is a hard job for my family, but hopefully through this job, my family could be prosperous so that it is enough to keep our pot boiling every day.

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