Special Attention Needed for Children with Learning Disabilities

by Ni Nengah Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher

children-with-learning-disabilitiesEveryone has a reason to have education wherever you live, your situation, education doesn’t choose your social status, and whether you are perfect as a human being or even if you have some kind of disabilities. I am Eka, one of the English teachers at East Bali Poverty Project and want to share one of my unique students. Sebagai guru saya harus berpikir banyak jenis strategi dan pendekatan yang diberikan untuk mahasiswa saya. Kali ini saya ingin memberitahu Anda tentang salah satu Sekolah EBPP disebut Darmaji, yang terletak antara lereng Gunung Agung dan Gunung Abang. Saya selalu datang ke sekolah setiap hari Selasa untuk mengajar Bahasa Inggris. Ada satu siswa khusus saya bernama Ni Nengah, berusia enam belas tahun, she is a level one Junior high school student who has a problem with malnourishment so she is very thin and short and doesn’t grow up properly like her friends in her age. She still couldn’t read the words fluency and has very low memory to remember any English words.

That day the students learned English as usual, they learned some basic words about “Things in the Classroom” but before we went to the main topic I usually give them games as a brainstorm and checking for their homework. When I asked for the homework to “Sanggup”, that’s her nickname, “where is your homework?” she just smiled and didn’t answer me, again with the same question patiently she was just silent and once more this time she covered her face with the book.When I tried to open it, suddenly she was crying. I was so surprised because I felt so sorry if I did a mistake to her for asking the homework, so I tried to make her felt comfortable by looking at her eyes and gave her a chance to say any words until she said “I am sorry teacher I didn’t finish the homework for I didn’t know what to do” at that time the homework was about introducing a family member. I said “Yes, no problem, you’ve been so brave for saying the truth” and the other of her friends smile at her.

Now I understand how to treat one of my special students without making her afraid to learn English. I designed a special material only based on her learning style. She has a visual auditory learning style, so I bring some flash cards and some pictures for her so she would get more pleasure in learning. Now she likes to learn English and feel comfortable in the class without think that she has that kind of disabilities.

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