By Wayan Kariastawa, EBPP Art Teacher and Komang Kurniawan, EBPP Team Leader

Art is a beautiful subject in human life because art itself consists of various kinds, such as: schilderij, wood carving, ambachten, music and dance. Art can also be used as a visual communication media. As an art teacher, I am always excited to do my duties and responsibilities, which is to teach children about painting. The long road that must be taken every single day to go to EBPP Schools is not easy. The EBPP Schools are located at the slope of the mountain, with no access of public transportation to get there due to the steep terrain, sandy and dusty with rocks.


My tiredness is suddenly gone when I see the smile on their faces; full with joy welcoming me as if they feel thirsty to learn more from the lessons I give them. It has been a pride for me to be able to see my students using a coloured pencils to produce an art, especially when it beautifully looks similar to the original object, and within a few minutes the thick and think lines they scratched form into a perfect image. Sometimes we get an opportunity to participate in a painting exhibition and the paintings made by our students have always won in every activity we have participated. Sometimes there are also guests who come to see our project and they are interested in buying our paintings.

spirit-of-an-art-teacher-2The income from selling those paintings will be partly given to EBPP and the rest go to the painters. The happy faces of our students are evident when they see their paintings being sold. It feels good for them to know there are people who appreciate their art works. Every day we teach for different schools in six various locations with a quite distance to each other. Utilising simple equipments and tools donated from the donators, we always try to give our best for our students.


We often face problems during learning activity because every student has different art character and with that, patience in teaching is needed for us as the art teachers. Especially those who are just started going to school, they have no clue about colours and how to use their pencil. Echter, the older students have more capability to expand and develop their inspiration by themselves.

For the future, we hope things that we have taught them can be useful and they also can achieve their dreams.


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