By Ni Wayan Senin, EBPP Jatituhu Junior High School

My name is Ni Wayan Senin and I am 15 years old. Ekotourin Foundation (EBPP) established in 1998, came to help my hamlet in 2005. My hamlet, Jatituhu is located on the slopes of the mountain and the road access is very difficult. The foundation helped us in many ways including education, so that I and my friends could learn at school. One of the lessons that I like is to play music. I never had seen a music instrument like a guitar, flute and piano. Our music teacher is very good. They always motivate us to study hard in order to be able to play music. We are all very excited to learn and finally now I am able to play several musical instruments. I hope someday I can be expert in playing music instruments so that I can teach others.

Wayan senin playing guitar with music teacher

A very happy Wayan Senin practicing guitar and recorder with EBPP music teacher, Made Kari.


Wayan senin with friends

Wayan Senin having fun with her friends at Jatituhu school.


Ukelele with friends

Wayan learning new tunes on the ukulele & (far right) with classmates practicing in their school library.


With Holger Schillig

Dr Holger Schillig, one of Jatituhu School sponsors, chatting with Wayan Senin and other students sponsored by his good friend, Dr Ursula Bantel-Schaal in their English class on 24th March 2014.

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