STORIES FROM EBPP STUDENTS AND TUTORS: The Smiles of Jatituhu’s Children When Learning Art and Music

By EBPP Art & Music Teams

Jatituhu children were beaming on Thursday 18th of September when we (EBPP art & music teams) arrived at their school, with our helmets, visors and entire bodies covered in dust. Our exhaustion from the difficult journey to get to Jatituhu school was soon erased by these welcoming smiles.

dirt bikes

EBPP tutors on their journey up the steep dirt tracks to reach Jatituhu hamlet.

dirt bike

EBPP tutor pushing his motorbike up to Jatituhu.

The very steep dirt road, the thick dust and sharp red volcanic rocks, seemed as if they were trying to block our motorbikes, causing us to sometimes fall down or get stuck in the deep dust, when we must then push our motorbikes part of the way. But this tension soon disappeared when we saw the happiness and warmth of Jatituhu children’s smiles who are always enthusiastically waiting for us to teach them their favourite art & music classes. All of them are very hungry for education.

Elementary school art

Jatituhu Elementary students learning about gradients in art class and singing songs with their music tutor.

Moreover, they feel more happy and cheerful when the teams give art & music lessons or continue topics from a previous meeting, because they know we come and teach only once a week.

This week the art team taught the techniques of colour gradation with pencil while the music team continued classes in reading and writing the musical notes. Hopefully what we share will have the lasting benefit for the children as the first generation who can introduce positive changes for themselves, their future and future generations.

Junior high art

EBPP Junior High School students excited to learn with their art tutors.

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