Stories from EBPP students: EMpower for My Future

Par: Komang, 16 ans, Senior High School Level 1, Jatituhu.

CYMERA_20150901_154711On July 23e, 2015 I got my new lesson called EMpower. I was confused when the teachers told me about the lesson, but after getting explanation at the first EMpower class, finally I understood about the program. The teachers said that EMpower is a social organization called “Emerging Markets Foundation” from USA aimed to help disadvantage youth generation like me. I was very happy hearing that news. I get the EMpower class every Thursday which starts at 09.00 am – 12.00 pm in the afternoon.

At the first meeting, the teacher explained about the EMpower program, where it is come from, its vision, mission and also the benefit of learning the program. After that we introduced our self to each other. It was started by the teachers and continued by the students one by one in front of the class. The teachers gave us names tag as our ID card. We introduced our name, age, address, famille, hobby etc. It looked weird when I introduced myself to my friends because we knew each other but the teachers said that it was just as a practice to make us familiar when talking in front of people. Besides, we also got some stationery such books, pens, and a ruler.

CYMERA_20150901_154647 CYMERA_20150901_154611 CYMERA_20150901_154414

The teachers who teach us are Mr Gede Sudarma and Mrs Luh Meti with the help from Mrs Sinta and Miss. Katie. I am very happy to be taught by those teachers because they are so keen and funny. In the classroom while the teachers explained the lesson, we listened and took some notes. We were divided into groups (5 6 students per group) to make us easier when we discussed the lesson. The learning situation was very interesting and sometimes noisy. It will happen if the teachers asked some questions. We competed with each other by raising our hands up to answer the questions because if our answer is correct we will get a point. The teachers said that the student who has the highest points will get a present at the end of the lesson. It can encourage us to study harder.

Both of my parents supported this program. They said that this lesson is very important for the children like me and my friends because in this lesson we are taught to set up our future. I was glad to hear it. I decided to study harder.

The teachers said that there are 4 lessons which we will get such as nutrition, reproductive health, job readiness, and technical skill. Since this time I already got nutrition which includes digestive system, healthy and unhealthy food, food pyramid, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Physical Activity Level Rate (PALR), etc. The teachers always ask us to make a diary about our activities or problems that we got as a writing practice.

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The Empower lesson is very useful for me. Through this lesson the teachers teach me and my friends to set up our future and hopefully could help us become an agent of change which very useful for our family, friends and people around us. I will study hard until this lesson end and don’t get drop out in order to get my dream comes true.

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