Stories from EBPP students: Genjek, Acapela for the Independence Day

Por: Made, 12 años de edad, Elementary School, Darmaji.

Last year on 17º of August, on the 69º Independence Day of Indonesia, my team and I went to Daya to perform genjek at East Bali Poverty Project’s annual event where students from all EBPP schools gather to entertain the people in our Ban village communities in order to enliven the Independence Day ceremony.

GenjekGenjek is a traditional Balinese acapela show which is combined with a dance. I performed it with our Darmaji School group consisting of 14 boys and one girl. On that performance we sang two songs entitled ‘Adi Nyoman’ and ‘Jalan Luas’. We performed for 15 minutos, wearing our traditional Balinese dress. In that performance I act as capak (sing/say the words in genjek, such as cak cak cak edu capak) meanwhile my other friends act as petuk (boys who play the bamboo gamelan to set the rhythm), pemantang (one boy who sings the main ‘song’ in genjek) y joged (the girl who dances and entices boys/men to dance with her on the floor)). The people who watched us looked very happy with and enthusiastic with our performance. We also very much enjoyed entertaining them. We hope, this year we could do it again.

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