Stories from EBPP students: Health Lesson Has Changed My Life

Por: Kurdistán, 16 años de edad, Junior High School, Flor.

health lessonAhora, keeping cleanness and health are important things in my life. I become more sensitive about my self and environment such as simple things about health. Washing hands before and after eating is one of them. Besides, I can not neglect my house yard dirty. Cleanness is an absolute thing for a health life.

That was started since I got health lesson at school. On that lesson I learned about the importance of keeping the cleanness and health. Ms Meti, the health teacher is always reminding us about it in every lesson.

I get the lesson every Thursday. I am happy to learn it. Many things that I learn such as how to take a bath properly, brush the teeth, cut the nails, use the clean clothes and habituate to wash hands with soap before and after eating. Those are important things to do to protect our body from the disease.

I used to ignore about my self and environment. Washing hands, brushing teeth and a clean yard was not so important for me. I didn’t care about what I ate and sometimes I got diarrhea because of my bad habit. Pero ahora, it’s totally different.

I am very grateful for getting that lesson. It’s success making me change my habits, become cleaner and healthier than before.

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