STORIES FROM EBPP STUDENTS: It’s small but I grow there

By Made, EBPP Junior High school student, Darmaji Hamlet

I live in a small house far away from my school in Darmaji. The roof is made from metal and the wall from bricks. There are three rooms in my house. One for my parents and the other two rooms are for me and my brother.

Even though electricity has been available in my village, my family still relies on our neighbor since the electric devices are not complete yet such as electric counter.

There is a small kitchen in front of my room. My mother cooks by using firewood. We collect the firewood from the farm around our house.

My House Darmaji

Made outside his family’s home in Darmaji Hamlet.

There is a water tank beside our kitchen. We still rely on the rain at rainy season to fill the tank. The water is collected through the roof into the water tank in rainy season because the water from the government cannot reach our village yet. We use the water to wash our clothes, cook, bathe, clean our teeth and for drinking, after we boil it.

On the north east side of my house, there is our family temple as a place to pray everyday. The gate is on the south side of my house, from there we can see the other villages because my house is up on the hill.

In the north side of my house we have pig and cow stable. There are two cows, two bulls and also a male pig which we usually sell at a ceremonial day.

Even though my house is small, it has not broken my will to learn because by continuing to learn I will get knowledge to change my village for the better.

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