Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: A strange window appears, click “close” button!

Door: Wayan (girl), 17 jaar, Senior High School rang 2, Jatituhu

donderdag, Januari 21, 2016. It was the second class of Empower Computer. That day was the first day my friends and I touched a computer. Het was zeven computers voor ons allemaal,,en,dus kregen we een computer voor,,en,Lees de verhalen van EBPP studenten buitenschoolse Empower-programma,,en,CEGI Het was de 4e bijeenkomst in het tweede kwartaal van Empower-programma,,en,thof november,,en,Tijdens de les hebben we geleerd hoe om te vechten voor onze rechten als,,en,CEGI maandag,,en,De leraar zei dat ze niet onderwezen en zij zullen worden vervangen door twee mannen uit een,,en, so we got one computer for 2 students. Although the computer was limited, it was not affecting our passion to learn computer. We are still enthusiastic to learn.

IMG_Software 2

IMG_SoftwareThat day, we learned about software. We were taught how to turn on and off the computer, changing wallpaper, closing, minimizing and restoring the window, pull up and pull down the volume, checking the battery, internet connection, finding, changing the clock and date.

All that I’ve learned that day was very hard. I was very nervous, stressed, worried, and scared. It is because, even though I didn’t touch the computer, some strange window appeared. I yelled to the teacher and asked for help. The easy thing that I could do was to close the window again and again. Beside it, changing wallpaper was a great thing. It was fun because I could change the wallpaper by using my favorite picture on the computer.

I hope I could able to operate the computer. I will keep my spirit for learning and never give up.




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Reminds me when i started on my first computer many moons ago. I thought it might break if i touched too many keysand the funny thing was .. it did. 🙂
These days it is hard to break a computer.
It’s great to see you guys helping so many underprivileged kids.
great job.

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