Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Avoid Risky Behavior to Stay Healthy

Door Ketut (boy), Senior High School rang 2, 17 jaar, CEGI

Monday, 30th november 2015 was a great day. At that day I got a new experience in the class. The teacher said that they were not teaching and they will be replaced by two men from a foundation in Denpasar called Yayasan Citra Usada Indonesia (YCUI). They are Mr. Efo and Mr. Anang. They taught us about HIV / AIDS, STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) and NAPZA (Narcotics, Alcohol, Psychotropic, and Addictive). They were funny teachers. Their explanation was very clear, during the lesson we also could playing so we were not getting bored. We were laughing during the class.

CYMERA_20160102_234047The teachers explained about the disease or infection affected by HIV/AIDS like TB (Tuberculosis) and Diarrhea (Salmonella). Before I got the explanation I was worried to hear a rumor about HIV / AIDS from my friends. They said that the disease is very risky and dangerous. I was afraid if someday the disease will infects me and my village. I was glad for getting the explanation, it made my worry faded. HIV / AIDS only infected by a risk behavior like free sexual activity, blood transfusion, narcotic injection, and genital liquid. But, if we found one of our family got HIV / AIDS, we don’t need to stay away from them because the virus will not infected if we do not make a blood or liquid contact with them. The activities like swimming together, hugging, eating in one plate, social activity, and insect bitten are not infecting the HIV / AIDS. Gedurende deze periode, I’ve never do those activities, so I am free from the disease.

I won’t let the disease infected into my village. I hope I could give my community awareness in order to avoid a risk behavior, so the people in my village will stay healthy and free from HIV / AIDS.



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