Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Cheap BUT Rich Nutrition

Par: Wayan (girl), Junior High School Grade 1, 13 Years old, Darmaji

Knowing about our daily energy needed is important for us because we can decide how much food that we need to consume every day. For villager like me is easy to find food like vegetable because in my village we grow our own vegetable in our farm but for the other food like fish or rice, we have to buy it in the market. That is why the teacher taught us about budgeting today. Budgeting helps us to set up our money for a couple of days / weeks and we can get the best food with the money we have.

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After explaining about budgeting, the teacher brought a table with many kinds of food on it. There was our daily kitchen requirement such as rice, oil, vegetable, tofu, soy meat, fish, egg, etc. The teachers pretend as a seller and asked us to do shopping with Rp 10.000 money. The teachers told us how to get the best food with that money. The idea was to get the cheaper food but rich nutrition. For example we have to buy the most food our body needed like carbohydrate, protein, fat and vegetable.

We did the shopping one by one and buy different kinds of food as we needed and we like best. It’s common for some of my friends to do shopping, but this time they looked confused with limited budget. In this section I bought some rice, eggs, water spinach, oil and flavor. Luckily we could buy some stuff so the money was enough.

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At the last session we learned about food portion. We should take the food prepared by the teacher as much as we needed to full fill our energy. Before putting the food on the plate we had to measure it on the scale first so we know its weight accurately. Actually we don’t need to measure our food every time when we eating but it were just as reference. To make my daily energy needed sufficient (after calculating it), I took a cup of rice, a piece of chicken, 2 pieces of tofu, and a bowl of vegetable. Yeah, the teachers are right, my stomach was full. May be, it’s difficult to get the complete and delicious food everyday but it doesn’t matter as long as there are carbohydrate, protein, graisse et légumes contenus dans nos aliments,en.

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