Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Computer Lesson for a Better Future

By Nengah, 18 years old, Senior High School grade 2, Manikaji.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016. It was the first day of the Computer Empower program. It was a great day because that day was the first time we saw a computer. We were taught by Mr. Rohit and Mr. Sudarma. The first lesson was hardware. The teachers showed a computer and introduced it. Hardware is a hard component or everything that we can touch on the computer. Hardware consist of CPU / Central Processing Unit (the brain of the computer), RAM / Random Access Memory (to make the computer run faster), cooling system (a fan – to keep the computer from over heating), media storage (to save our data), monitor (to show the content of the computer), media input (mouse and keyboard), cable, etc.

IMG_3444 resizeCYMERA_20160319_230729The class atmosphere was fun, the teachers taught us in an interesting way. They taught computer in a funny way which makes the class fun. The teacher taught us using a computer with projector, markers and white board. The teacher showed the lesson on the projector and sometimes wrote on the white board for more explanation.

After studying for 3 hours, it was time to go home. We were very happy for the lesson. My parents are very supportive for me to learn this lesson. They said that this lesson will make my future brighter. I hope, I could be a computer scientist so that my future will be better than today.



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