Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Fighting Bad Habits

By Wayan (girl), Senior High School Grade 2, 15 jaar, CEGI

IMG_0324resizeToday was a hard day for me. I had to tell my mother about something which we avoid to put on our daily food. When I got my mother was cooking in the kitchen, I came close to her and told her that we can’t put the MSG in our food. My mother argued what I’ve told to her.

She said, “If we’re not put the MSG, the food could not be delicious. It will be tasteless.”

I explained and forced her not to put the MSG but I was failed. Goed, so she kept putting the MSG in every food she cooked. The MSG makes our cooking tasty and delicious and I like her cooking. But, now I tried to avoid it since the teachers in EMpower class told me that the MSG is not good for our body. It causes cancer and makes our IQ down.

In the last lesson, the teachers asked us to promise that we should change our eating habits. There are six commits that we have to try in order to improve our health such as do not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) when cooking, do not consume instant food like noodle or factory snack, do not drink something that contains high sugar, do not smoke and drink alcohol, do not use oil for frying repeatedly and stop eating fast food like bakso en gorengan. We were asked to do minimum one of them for a week and see the change.

Goed, I failed to do the first commit but I’m not giving up. I tried the fifth commit. I asked my mother not to use the oil for frying repeatedly. This time I succeed.

I said, “Mom, if you do not agree about not using MSG for your cooking, at least do not use oil for frying repeatedly, please.”

“Why not?” She’s arguing.

“My teacher told me that oil contains high cholesterol, which is dangerous for our heart. Do you want me to stay healthy or not?

“OK. If it gives bad effect on your health, I will only use the oil not more than twice.”

I was very happy for hearing that because my mother understood that my health is the most important. This time I just changed one of my bad habits. I hope I can do it more in the future.

Trouwens, Mijn moeder krijgt de verantwoordelijkheid om te koken voor de studenten van de School CEGI. She said that she is not using the MSG for the cooking. But, for cooking at home, she still uses it because my dad does not like tasteless food. It makes me decided my next big mission; to ask my father starts eating healthy food.

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