Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Food after 6 Months

Por : Stephen (niño), 14 años de edad, Grado de la Escuela Secundaria 1, Suavizante

food after 6 monthsLa clase fue como de costumbre. Este Dia (9-9-2015), nos enteramos de alimentos de destete. El destete de alimentos es un alimento para el bebé después de que el bebé alcance la edad de 6 meses. Antes 6 meses, el bebé sólo dio o recibió leche materna exclusiva. No se nos permite dar al bebé ningún alimento incluso un agua. Después 6 meses que pueden dar al bebé un alimento como que comemos todos los días pero en diferente servir / la textura y la leche materna sigue siendo hasta que el bebé alcance la edad 2 años. Si queremos dar un alimento, Tenemos que hacer la comida ser más suave como papilla o puré. That treatment aims to make the baby easier to swallow the food. When we make puree, we have to make sure that the tools we used are clean. We can’t chew the food and give to the baby, it can contaminate the puree and the baby could get a disease. As known, in the past our parents used to do it. They thought it would make the food more delicious but it wasn’t. It is disgusting and may be we could get a disease especially the parent who does it in bad condition or sick. I am glad because today I haven’t seen any parents do that anymore.

1 ASI eksklusifIn this stage indeed we could give a food to the baby but not all. There are certain of foods that we have to avoid to prevent the baby from sickness. Those foods are orange and tomato (contain acid), salt (podría afectada a la presión de la sangre), cariño (contains bacteria), nuts (could caused chocking), and sugar (miedo se convierte en adicto). So if we want to give a food to the baby, make sure that the food is tasteless. It aims in order to the baby could taste the real taste of the food and to prevent addicted of any flavor. Those treatments we can do until the baby attains the age of 1 año. After that we can give them a food that we eat everyday.

Ahora, I don’t have a brother or sister in that age but this information will be useful in the future, when I have my own baby. I hope I could help the mothers in my village change their lifestyles and treatment, so that the children here could grow healthy.

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