Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Food Groups was Nervous

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By: Wayan (boy), 16 years old, Junior High School grade 3, Cegi

CYMERA_20151102_212353This is the last class in Empower program. Today my team and I have to present what we’ve learnt from the last three months to our parents. On the presentation we explained about food groups. The food groups consist of healthy food and unhealthy food. A healthy food is a natural food which comes from our surrounding like vegetable, meat, milk, rice, and fruit whereas an unhealthy food is the instant food produce by a factory such as snack and noodle and a drink which contains high sugar like candy, soft drink or instant drink. The food which contains high nutrition needed by our body like carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral, and fat belongs to healthy food. The food which contains high sugar, preservative, dye, synthetic flavor, and MSG that cause disease like cancer belongs to unhealthy food.

When explaining the food groups we used a poster that we made in the previous day with my team; Manik, Nerti and Nasib. We made a colorful poster to make it more interesting and easy to read. It was very nervous when I explained it because I couldn’t memories the content and it was the first time for me to speak in front of the people. We know it will happen, so we done it in rotation with my team to explain the content.

CYMERA_20151102_212304The atmosphere was very conducive, our parents who came was listening our explanation patiently. After we explain the poster they asked some question enthusiastically. Luckily our answer could make them satisfied. The teachers were standing beside us to give more explanation or fixing things if our answer was wrong. Our parents looked happy, sometimes they were laughing if we got wrong when explaining the poster.

That was my nervous experience. I hope my team and I could do a better explanation in the next quarter and what we have explained to our parents could improve my village health especially for the eating habits.


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