Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: I answered shyly while laughing and said ‘yes’.

Door : Kadek (girl), Junior High School Grade 1, 14 jaar, Manikaji

empower classTuesday, 13th of October 2015, I went to the school earlier because we got a new lesson at EMpower program. At 09.00 AM, the class was begun. The lesson that the teacher told us today was about reproductive health.

We started the class today with puberty. The teacher, Mrs. Meti, explained about the changes we got in puberty. At the first time I got the lesson, I felt embarrassed because what we talked was very sensitive topic like genital and menstruation. But it was OK because all girls have experienced it and also there were no boys in the class. The boys studied separately in the other room taught by Mr. Sudarma.

As time went by the embarrass feeling had changed. I was happy to learn about it. From the explanation I knew the importance of keeping the reproductive health. The atmosphere of the class was very funso much laughing. The teacher, Mrs. Meti, was very patient and friendly. In the class we were talking like friend, didn’t like with a teacher. She told that if a teenager has already got puberty, it means that he / she have already able to do the reproduction physically. For example, the girls are able to be pregnant and the boys can make the girls pregnant. Although our body is ready to produce a baby doesn’t mean that our mental, financial and emotional are ready too. So she pushes us to not to do a sexual activity, hardly.

In the middle of the class, Mrs. Meti asked me whether I already got my period or not. I answered shyly while I am laughing and said ‘yes’. After that, she told what is getting period in more detail. The class was very fun, we were laughing during the class. At the end of the class, she asked us to make an anonymous letter about something we want to know about puberty. An anonymous letter is a letter without the name of the sender because the content of the letter is very sensitive and it will embarrass if someone knows who is asking the question.



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