Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Meditation to Reduce Anger

Por : Wayan (girl), Alto grado de la Escuela Secundaria 1, 16 años de edad, Jatituhu

CYMERA_20160102_234326jueves, 12º de noviembre 2015. As usual, the EMpower class went well and sometimes crowded. At that day I learned about emotion. The teachers explained what emotion is and how to deal with it. Antes, I just knew that emotion was what I feel when I’m angry but it wasn’t. Emotion is a feeling that we feel whether it is happy, sad, shy, etc, not just angry which I thought before.

Sometimes, my emotion is overwhelming especially when I am angry. If someone teasing me and my anger will be culminated, I always want to punch someone or something. I also don’t like when someone is very curious and too much asking about my feeling at that time. If I got angry, it’s better for me to be alone.

Bien, it was before. Now after I got the lesson I found a new way to deal with my emotion especially with my anger. The teacher taught me to do a meditation when my anger culminating. At home, I practiced it like I learned at the class. I took three deep breathes and hold it for three seconds. I closed my eyes and cleared my mind. It was working. I heard some sounds, my mind was clear and I became calmer. It was fantastic. My anger was gone and the people around me were free from my punch.

Ahora, when I got angry, I always do the meditation to hold it. The meditation is really amazing. After doing it I can think calmer. It makes me easier to solve my problem with a cold headed. The problem will be finished quickly and there wasn’t any problem will be arising.

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