Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Scale Up Nutrition for Better generation

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By: Putu (girl), Junior High School Grade 2, 14 years old, Bunga.

Today I was very cheerful joining the Empower class. All of my friends attended. Today, I got lesson about weaning food for babies.

The teacher told us about the weaning food stages appropriate according to the baby’s age. Through this lesson I know that the baby has to be given some different food for their ages like when we have to give the baby some food which is smooth pureed or the food that we usually eat. Not all food which we can give to the baby because some of them could cause a problem such as salt (could affected to the blood pressure), sugar (afraid becomes addicted), honey (contains of bacteria), and nuts (could cause choking).

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After studying about weaning food, we learnt how to measure the height and weight. It was for our basic known for next week. Next week, we will go to Cegi for studying about posyandu. We will go there to join the posyandu and learn how to measure the height and weight, we also learn how to teach at play group, wound care, and do the awareness.

There are some equipment that we need to measure the height and weight such as tape measure (infantometre), microtoise and scale. Before measuring the weight and height, we learnt how to read the scale on the measurer. The teacher drew the scale on the white board and told us how to read it. After we understood, we did the practice. Fortunately, there are some children playing around the school. The teachers asked one of them to become our visual aid voluntary. She is Luh Dinda, she is 4 years old. Then we measured her height and weight and record the data on the grow chart (KMS). Through the grow chart (KMS) we knew that she is stunting. It made us so sad and worried. But the teacher said that we don’t need to be worried because she is still growing. We can make her body still growing as a normal people if we feed her with healthy food especially protein. We hope she and the other children who have the same problem can still grow up as the normal people


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