Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme: Women are the Second Class

Par: Ni Ketut, Senior High School Grade 2, 18 ans, Cegi

CYMERA_20160319_230829It was the 4e meeting in the second quarter of EMpower program. Ce jour la, Mercredi, 4eof November 2015, I learned about reproductive rights and discrimination. Au cours de la leçon que nous avons appris comment se battre pour nos droits comme la prise de décision au sujet de notre santé, éducation, partenaire intime, et quand nous nous marions. Nous avons aussi appris comment prendre des responsabilités avec notre action et de la discrimination. La discrimination est le traitement différent à une personne qui est généralement vécue par les femmes (le sexisme). La femme réputation est plus faible que les hommes. Voilà pourquoi les hommes sont plus importants que les femmes.

En classe, l'enseignant a demandé si les femmes de mon village ont été victimes de discrimination. I answered loudly saying “yes”. In Bali, the generation is continued by the man that is why gender discrimination still exists until today. For example, all women are unable to be leaders (in the family and community) whereas our rights and responsibilities are same. I have complained to my parents but they said that it is our tradition. No one can change it. The woman cannot be a leader. The other example is about inheritance. Why the girls are unable to get the inheritance whereas we are also the children of our parents. And the answer to this question is the same.

Maintenant, I understand what discrimination is, and then an idea appeared on my head. I discussed it with my family and we decided not to discriminate each other especially about our daily activity. We decided to help each other in every job like cutting the grass, sweeping, cuisine, and many more. For example, when my mother and I cooked the rice, my brother will make the sambal and soup.

At that time, I was happy because I could change the discrimination in my house even though it’s just a small action. In the next time, I want to change the other thing like leadership and inheritance. I have to say thank you to the teachers for giving me this lesson.

I have been talking to the people in my community and they disagree. They say, “You can’t change it because it is the decision of our ancestor” and then I say, “I will try and show you.” In the future, J'espère qu'il n'y a pas de problème de discrimination plus dans mon village,en.



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