Stories from EBPP students on extra curricular Empower programme:

It’s more than 40%. Can you help me to change it to become 0%?”

Door: Wayan (girl), Senior High School Grade 3, 17 Years Old, Pengalusan

CYMERA_20150918_090438This is the 6th meetings of EMpower class. Today I got the lesson about malnutrition. Malnutrition is an unhealthy condition (thin or short) that caused by nutrition deficiency like macronutrient (carbohydrate, eiwit, fat), micronutrient (vitamin and minerals) or both. Malnutrition has a big effect for human like stunting (short) and wasting (thin). This effect is very dangerous and could threat a human life, especially wasting, if we don’t help them immediately, it would become a serious problem.

My village is isolated which make us difficult to get anything especially food and also the people here doesn’t really know about malnutrition and its effect. It makes the stunting rate here is more than 40 %. It makes me so worried. In another situation I’m glad because the wasting rate is 0 % – none wasting. I hope stunting could be the same as wasting.

Op deze les leerde ik ook hoe de ondervoeding probleem op te lossen,en. The teacher said that we can fix the stunting and wasting if we feed them with healthy food. For pregnant woman, they ought to consume healthy food in order to feed their baby with enough nutrition so they born a healthy baby. I want to share this information to the people in my village hopefully they can change their eating habit so there will not be any problem about nutrition in the future.

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After explaining about the material, the teacher showed a video about malnutrition to us. The video showed the same problem; stunting and wasting which happened in Ghana-Africa. It was surprising us. Almost the country in the world apparently has the same problem. The good news is the government all over the world makes an action called SUN Movement aimed to solve the problem; improve nutrition and earning potential of individuals and nation. This movement is involve 55 countries includes Indonesia. I was so glad hear that news. I hope all of the action they have created for tackling the malnutrition could be successes so the people all over the world especially in my village could grow up well becomes a healthy generation.



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