By Made, Junior high school student, Pengalusan hamlet

We have a farm with cassavas in the north side of my house about 1km walk over the sandy fields. We usually plant cassava in the rainy season. I like to help my dad to plant cassava. There are three steps to planting cassava. First, we have to loosen the soil with hoe. Second, cut the cassava stem as long as 30 cm. Third, embed it in the soil.

cassava 2 cassava 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA












During the cassava growing season we have to keep the soil loose to make sure they growing well. It takes three month for the cassavas to be ready to harvest and because of the short rainy season, we only harvest one time in the year. In that time we harvest all the cassavas together. We sell it at the market for Rp50.000 per basket [Ed: $4, and the basket holds about 50kg of cassava! That’s Rp1,000/kg!]. We use the money to buy our requirements every day. [Ed: each year total earnings from cassava sales from all his land is about Rp1 million = approx. $80]

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