Tackling Deadly Tuberculosis through Awareness Video & Brochures to Thousands of Children


By Aris Harianto, EBPP Marketing & PR

EBPP students from Cegi and Pengalusan learning their script before the TB drama shooting session

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most serious diseases in Indonesia and the problem is that communities, such as those in mountainous East Bali, have little chance of getting it identified or treated due to their remoteness from government health centres and trained medical teams. Indonesia ranks third on the list of 22 high-burden TB countries in the world (USAID). Tot nu, there are no true statistics on the number of TB sufferers in Indonesia due to the lack of access and knowledge about TB itself, especially in the remote and isolated area.

EBPP started to open a health access to the isolated community of Desa Ban, Karangasem, Bali, in 2003-4 by establishing 27 IHC (community integrated health post), with a one year programme sponsored by UNICEF. By working closely with the local Government Community Health Center

(PHC), EBPP started planning a community-based TB awareness programme in 2006 to eliminate active TB for the more than 11,000 families in the Kubu sub-district, comprising Desa Ban and three other large villages in remote East Bali. In januari 2011, our detailed TB awareness and elimination proposal was approved and funded 50% by Anton Jurgens Fonds from Holland and the balance by two UK donors: Geoff & Ellen Foster Taylor and Nick Boydell. We have now completed design for our TB awareness programme impact with a 3-fold brochure and a 23 minute video drama, starring our EBPP Cegi and Pengalusan high school students, as the awareness tools.

Making a video awareness drama with students who never saw drama or a television show could be a difficult thing to do for most people. Echter, it could be a different story if you do that with The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) students. Spending eight days total for shooting, the students from EBPP Cegi and Pengalusan schools, which have been sponsored by Bali Dynasty Resort since year 2000, has shown their amazing acting talent in our latest awareness video production; EBPP’s Tuberculosis (TB) awareness video drama.

Advised by local and international health experts the EBPP TB awareness video projected to be the most effective TB awareness tool for community which is mostly illiterate and also informative for educated people. Dr.. Indraguna Pinatih, (EBPP senior health advisor & foundation Secretary), dr. Toni Parwati from Puskesmas Kubu II, Karangasem, Bali, and Dr Denise Abe (EBPP volunteer expert health advisor since 1998) have contributed to put all of basic and important information about TB in the video. Assisted by the editing team of Alam TV Bali the video have a final professional touch.

On June 30, 2011 we were doing re-take shooting at thesputum sample taking” scene. Tejo, a student from EBPP Pengalusan School, acting as the TB patient, has played his role with extraordinary skill – somehow creating a very scary cough and transforming to a sick middle-aged man for his role! In the re-take shooting he shows how to take sputum sample correctly by showing what is needed by doctors to be tested in the laboratory to verify that the sputum is positively contaminated by mycobacterium tuberculosis. He and the other students from EBPP Cegi and Pengalusan schools have done great work.

Through this TB awareness video they have taken an important part in one of EBPP programme to address the TB problem for more than 11,000 families in Desa Ban. The community will be impressed on what their children have been done and more aware on TB problem. Hopefully, this video will also become the standard of TB awareness video for remote and illiteracy communities throughout Indonesia.


Tejo the “TB patient” is checked by the local healer (dukun) who explains that he cannot cure him and recommends he goes to Puskesmas

Scene in the “doctor’s surgery”, Pengalusan & Cegi ‘stars’

EBPP TB awareness video launched in EBPP Cegi class room with a wonderful mural background

Excitement and curiosity; the atmosphere in EBPP Cegi school when the EBPP TB awareness video first launched

Government elementary school SD 3 Tianyar, 92 students

Government elementary school SD 3 Tianyar, 92 students

Government elementary school SD 8 Afdeling, 110 students

EBPP Pengalusan School curious and keen to know more!

Government elementary school SD 2 Afdeling 150, students and Government junior high school SMP 1 Perasan, 70 students

Government elementary school SD 6 Tianyar Timur, 152 students

Government elementary school SD 8 Afdeling, 110 students

Mothers and infants 0-5 from Daya posyandu

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Jackie Blight

Wow, Awesome. Congratulations on the informative video and the great acting skills that were learned in the making of it. I’m sure it is an absolutely first rate learning tool for the children and parents of Bali. A new skill (acting) is learned in Cegi. Cheers

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