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By Tess Goulsbra, EBPP Volunteer Art Therapist, March 2014 When I first started with East Bali Poverty Project I was nervous. I had so many ideas, but at the beginning, I was unsure how I was going to put them into practice. When I met the team I felt overwhelmed by the amazingly beautiful volcanic environment… Read more »

It’s Harder To Stomach Up Hill!

Me in the children’s school garden, tending  their organic vegetables

By Chanelle Lauren Cox, EBPP Documentary Volunteer 13th February 2012: I have been assisting with the development of an awareness video for East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) for the past few weeks. Over this time, I have become very familiar with various footage and images of suffering communities, EBPP programs, charts and philosophies. I have… Read more »

REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: Kadek Indah, local health staff

Kadek Indah doing IDD awareness programme to the community

By Lindsay Burns, EBPP Volunteer WOMEN who divorce their husbands and become single working mums through choice are incredibly rare in Bali. But it was these exact circumstances that led 27-year-old Kadek Indah to the doors of EBPP, where she became the first local woman to actively help the villagers. She admits her main motivation… Read more »

REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: My first Site Visit, September 2011

mural gallery

By Lindsay Burns, EBPP Volunteer It was 6am on 22nd of September 2011 and a thin crescent moon perched above a volcano-shaped lilac cloud framed by palms still vivid in the silvery morning light on the edge of Denpasar, Bali’s capital city. Maybe it was because it was so early – or maybe it was… Read more »

Teaching First Aid in the East Bali Wilderness

Aaron’s Wilderness First Aid training to enthusiastic EBPP staff in EBPP Ban office

By Lindsay White and Aaron Fishman – Volunteer Health Advisers November 27, 2011 – What do you put on a wound to stop bleeding?  Cobwebs?  Leaves?  Gasoline? During our 2 months working with EBPP, we taught the staff quite a bit about first aid, but may have learned just as much about traditional remedies and… Read more »

My East Bali Adventure

An amazing view of a dream village on a river at sunrise

By Jackie Blight How the heck did I end up here? A tiny village, waaaaay up on the side of Mount Agung Volcano on the island of Bali in Indonesia, with 15 expectant faces looking at me waiting for me to say something. Ok here goes, “My name is Jackie Blight, I’m from Canada, I’m… Read more »

3 EBPP schools Host ODFM Lombok Music Trainees in Exciting Teaching Practice Workshops: A good example of the true meaning of Terima Kasih (receive give), the Indonesian phrase for “Thank You”

The EBPP Music Team and trainers from Lombok begin the workshop at EBPP’s Cegi School, on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali

By Eliya Simantov, EBPP volunteer Music Program Developer   7th April 2011: The EBPP Music Team has just returned to our village after participating in the exciting One Dollar for Music foundation’s [ODFM –] extensive four week music workshop in Denpasar, as part of ODFM’s “Young Sounds of Indonesia” project. The music team has… Read more »