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An Unforgettable Experience with Students of Udayana University Denpasar

By Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher Monday, 12juni 2017 was an unforgettable experience for EBPP Cegi students Junior and senior high school. This time they had a visit from students of Udayana University, International Liaison Department, over 30 students. At 8.00 a.m. they arrived at Daya Bamboo Centre and Welcomed byLees meer »

By Eliya Simantov, EBPP volunteer Music Programme Developer 24.12.11: We are extremely happy and proud to report on our talented students’ amazing performance at the Amankila Resort in Manggis, Candidasa, which took place just a few weeks ago on Christmas Eve. This is yet another dream of David Booth, EBPP's… Lees meer »