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An Unforgettable Experience with Students of Udayana University Denpasar

By Merdekawati, EBPP English Teacher Monday, 12juni 2017 was an unforgettable experience for EBPP Cegi students Junior and senior high school. This time they had a visit from students of Udayana University, International Liaison Department, over 30 students. At 8.00 a.m. they arrived at Daya Bamboo Centre and Welcomed byLees meer »

A Day in Darmaji Hamlet with Komang and Wayan

I Komang Jati lives with his wife, and their two children in Darmaji hamlet, Ban dorp. They are waiting for construction to begin on their first toilet and bathroom facility. On a recent EBPP visit, we asked some questions to learn more about their access to water, and their motivations… Lees meer »

BERICHTEN UIT HET VELD: EBPP Scholen Songwriting met Music Seeds International (MSI)

Door Ross Green, directeur MSI. Expert Vrijwilliger door toevallige ontmoetingen, goede wil, en voorzienigheid vond ik mezelf in een vliegtuig op weg naar Bali vorige maand. Mijn naam is Ross, en ik begonnen met een muziek goed doel voor kinderen acht jaar geleden. We begonnen in Nepal en zijn sindsdien tot acht geweest… Lees meer »

By Chanelle Lauren Cox, EBPP Documentary Volunteer 13th February 2012: I have been assisting with the development of an awareness video for East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP) for the past few weeks. Over this time, I have become very familiar with various footage and images of suffering communities, EBPP programs,… Lees meer »

By Eliya Simantov, EBPP volunteer Music Programme Developer 24.12.11: We are extremely happy and proud to report on our talented students’ amazing performance at the Amankila Resort in Manggis, Candidasa, which took place just a few weeks ago on Christmas Eve. This is yet another dream of David Booth, EBPP's… Lees meer »

By Julita Mekaria Let me introduce myself: I am Julita Mekaria, from Jakarta, and joined EBPP on 31st January 2011 as Secretary to David Booth MBE, Founder of EBPP, with key roles to support David, EBPP Board & EBPP team. Working in NGO is truly my passion with previous experience… Lees meer »

By Elia Simantov 28th November, 2010 – 20th January, 2011: Op donderdag, 11th January, our good friend and brilliant musician Bambang Sri Handoko (aka Bang) joined us at the EBPP Jatituhu School for the introduction of the first batch of recorders to our students. The twenty new wind instruments wereLees meer »

Muzieklessen empowerment EBPP schoolkinderen

By Elia Simantov After I arrived in Bali at the end of 2009, I read about The East Bali Poverty Project [EBPP] and the fantastic work that David has done there, and decided to contact him regarding the possibility of doing volunteer work with them. As I have studied Music,… Lees meer »