The Art of Learning by Doing – Teachers Guidebook (e-book version)

teachers guidebook This guidebook is more than an English language text book for Indonesian students, or an Indonesian language text book for English students. It is designed as a tool to help teachers of children in English and Indonesian speaking schools, to improve their language skills whilst discovering the meaning of and learning to implement sustainable development and poverty eradication. This book is designed as a Guidebook to the bilingual book “The Art of Learning by Doing” a story about the under privileged children of a remote and impoverished region high on the arid eastern slopes of Bali`s Mount Agung and Abang. It provides teachers with tools and exercises that can be implemented in class to enhance both language and personal skills. By providing exercises that empower children to discover the secrets of “Learning by Doing” this book enables teachers to prioritize the importance of health and hygine for good education. Whilst reaping the benefits of good nutrition and organic farming, the children learn to express themselves in both art and language, opening their eyes to ways in which they can attain results hitherto considered beyond their reach.

Designed & Published in Bali by Saritaksu Editions



Table of Content :

How to Use This Book
Chapter 1: My Life Before School
Chapter 2: School at Last
Chapter 3: Learning about Health and Hygiene
Chapter 4: Farming Worms and Vegetables
Chapter 5: Making Pictures
Chapter 6: The Joys of Learning and Succeeding
Chapter 7: Growing in Many Ways

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