The Celebration of National Education Day on May 2nd 2017

By I Made Suarjana, EBPP Head Teacher

National Education day is celebrated annually by East Bali Poverty Project students and staff, and this year the event held at Cegi’s Community hall. The celebration was full of fun activities, creative art and also quiz competition among the students of elementary, junior, and senior high level where the participants were representatives from Bunga, Cegi, Pengalusan, Manikaji, Jatituhu, and Darmaji school. The celebration started with the ceremony to commemorate National Education day followed by a speech from the founder of East Bali Poverty Project David J. Booth MBE, I Komang Kurniawan as the Team Leader, and I Made Suarjana Education Team Coordinator. After the opening ceremony was finished, then continued by performance of Balinese Traditional Dances called Puspanjali as the old Balinese welcoming dance to open the celebration performed by Cegi Junior High school students. Berikutnya, continued by Balinese Traditional Dance called Gopala performed by male students from Pengalusan elementary students. They showed up their talent in dancing which is as fantastic as when the older students performed the other dances. The last dances called Cendrawasih, the bird dance, was performed by senior high students from Bunga School. They were really talented in performing the dances, so that clapping hands sounds loudly from the audience at their wonderful performance; they earned the appreciation because they have been keeping one of Balinese culture as our Balinese characteristic through the dance. Setelah itu, continued by reading a poem entitled “The Light of Education” Cahaya Pendidikan which performed by one of junior students from Bunga, then followed by music performance entitled “Bali Berani Berhenti” Balinese bravely can stop, “Penipu” pretender, and “Thank You” songs from Cegi School. From Pengalusan, the students presented song with “Dia” She, “Suksma Guru” Thank You Teacher from Manikaji, and “Satya” Honest from Jatituhu students. They were so talented playing the music instruments with no limits, but their spirit could create a beautiful work of art which has a valuable price.

After the performance was over, it was followed by quiz competition. The noise came out loudly from each supporter to support their school to become the winner. The competition started with elementary level, then followed by junior level, and the last was senior level. From the result, for elementary level the first winner was from Darmaji students, Pengalusan as the second, and Jatituhu as the third win the quiz competition. While for junior level, the students from Manikaji were the first winner, then students from Cegi as the second, and the third was students from Pengalusan. And between the senior level, the students from Darmaji as the first winner, Jatituhu the second, and the third was students from Manikaji. “I never imagine that I would be the winner in this competition, and my hard work to prepare myself before the day, and this could encourage me to study harder” said “I Kadek Eka Susila” one of students from Manikaji who won the first prize for the quiz competition at junior level.

The celebration each year was conducted lively and merrily, because the ability of each student was improves whether academically, from the language they spoke, and their motivation in performing the art creativity. The means of this celebration was to give a honour and to commemorate our heroes especially their merit for Education in Indonesia. Besides, the celebration as a moment for students as a young generation keep continue and respect education and also want to learn harder in order to build a better future. Thank you very much for Mr. David J. Booth MBE as the founder of the foundation who has given a chance for us to study until we can get our dreams, also for our beloved teachers who has been taught us so many things, for the communities who has been support this event, and for students who participated in this celebration and become successes. That is all for the National Education day celebrated in this year which was so great and hopefully we would be able to meet again in the next session of National Education Day eve. Terima kasih.

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