The Sad Story of Ni Ketut menjatuhkan Luar Sekolah

Oleh I Wayan Sumadia, Jatituhu School Head Teacher
On the 1st of July 2016, Saya ditunjuk sebagai Kepala Guru di EBPP Jatituhu Sekolah. I really wanted to advance every program and motivate the younger generation to go to school because education is the most important thing we can invest to upgrade our village situation and condition.
In Jatituhu school there is an elementary grade 6 child named Ni Ketut who got her own donor from EBPP’s Crowdfunding campaign in in December 2015 to provide a scholarship. She is very smart, never misses a class, is very polite, and has a good behaviour even though her economic situation is very poor.

On the 1st of August, Saya mendapat berita bahwa Ni Ketut menikah karena situasi ekonomi keluarganya, juga karena ayahnya mengalami depresi serius sejak ibunya meninggal karena kanker. Karena mereka memiliki sedikit uang, Ni Ketut dan keluarganya hanya hasil dari tanah mereka dari singkong dan ubi jalar untuk makan setiap hari. Tapi jauh di dalam hatinya dia benar-benar ingin melanjutkan sekolahnya dan tidak mau ketinggalan kelas.
Namun, it is what it is and Ni Ketut has to quit school to get married to help her economic situation in her family also she has to obey her father who got an mental illness. All of EBPP team and I, as a Head Teacher in Jatituhu School feel very saddened by this situation, we felt that Ni Ketut doesn’t deserve to carry all of this problems. We hope situations like this will not happen again to other children in the village or in the world.
On 10th of August, I visited Ni Ketut at her husband’s house and she asked me to pass on this message: “Thank you to Mr David Booth and all of the EBPP staff who helped me to find my donor and teach me in the school but I’m really sorry that I can’t continue my studies. After my mother passed away the condition in my family was getting very difficult, even some of the people in the village reported me to the police saying that I’m an embarrassing child in the village because I married too soon, and because my father has mental issues. It’s really hard for me and makes me feel that I have no hope or future. I have to marry someone who I don’t even know well, and when I told to my father I was married, he didn’t agree and asked me to leave his house. This makes me feel very sad but I won’t give up because whatever happens in my life I will live it and face it, because I think this is my destiny. Once again I want to say thank you to my donor and EBPP and I really feel sorry because I can’t continue my study because my family issue.

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