“There are two girls and four boys in my class and I could beat them all.”

Par: Ni Nyoman (girl), 14 ans, Catégorie Junior High School 2, Darmaji.

dsc_0117Mardi, Décembre 20e, 2016, all Darmaji students got their report book. The report book was distributed in which the students knew their progress during this first semester. There were some activities done on the day which started with parents meeting.

Our parents were invited to school to discuss about the school situation such as learning progress and students’ problem in school (dropped out student). There was our headmaster in charge, Bapak Srinawi, and the Pak Komang Kurniawan, EBPP Team Leader who conducted the discussion. They asked our parents to be more patient and giving more motivation to their children who still study at school to keep their spirit in learning and avoid them dropping out. Malheureusement, there were not all students’ parents came on the meeting.

After the parents meeting, the students were asked to gather in the school yard to get their report book. Before handing the report book, the headmaster explained that the report book we’ve got from this school is the same as the report book from government school. He explained it to us since some students moved far away to government school because they wrongly think that the certificate or report book from EBPP School is different from the government school level and it cannot be used to get a job. He also told us to keep our low profile if we got the best rank and keep our spirit to learn if we didn’t.

 dsc_0093  dsc_0074  dsc_0098

Finally the report book was distributed. The report book was distributed together for all students which started from the lowest until the highest grade. I was very nervous and afraid if I got bad scores on this semester. I opened the report book directly when it already on my hand to know how much I get during this semester.

I was very happy since I got the first rank from 6 étudiants. There are 2 les filles et 4 boys in my class and I could beat them all. I was curious with the others score and apparently their score was quite good. Arrived at home, I showed my report book to my family. They looked very happy because their daughter got the best rank. On the next semester, espérons que je pourrais garder mon rang et mon score pourrait être mieux,en.



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